2022: Important Information on the Continuous Professional Development for Teachers in Ghana

    20 continuous Top 4 Free NTC Digital Literacy Courses for Teachers in Ghana for CPD Points
    Top 4 Free NTC Digital Literacy Courses for Teachers in Ghana for CPD Points

    2022: Important Information on the Continuous Professional Development for Teachers in Ghana:

    1. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Allowance ( subjected to review) will be paid as a one-off payment at the rates of GH₵1200 and GH₵800 per annum to Professional Teachers and Non-Professional Teachers respectively
    2. Professional developments focus on building the capacity of teachers rather than imposing training on teachers
    3. The Education service is mandated to organize systematic in-service programmes as a means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of employees.
    The Service shall be responsible for the provision of all logistics during in-service programmes.
    The Service shall give Certificates of Attendance free of charge to all
    employees who attend in-service programmes organized by the Service, at no cost to the employees.
    ( Refer to clause 24 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement)
    4. Professional Development programmes run for a cycle of three (3) years. This implies that every registered teacher has three (3) years to earn the minimum credit points stipulated for his/her level/rank.
    This rule applies to teachers at all levels of the Education system, both public and private sectors including holders of administrative positions

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    5 Professional Development programme covers annual conferences of registered teachers, workshops, seminars, and training on curricular knowledge, SBI, CBI and DBI as well as other training programmes approved by the NTC.
    6. Teacher training logbooks have been developed to document teachers’ training records and related PD credit points.
    The teacher has the responsibility of saving evidence (E.g., registration, certificate and attendance records) of the CPD activities for submission at the appropriate time and place as may be directed by NTC.
    In addition to the PD programmes attended, teachers are required to upload their portfolio records onto the PD portal for onward assessment by Portfolio Assessors.

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    7. The Professional development Framework has identified different activities which have been grouped as Mandatory, Ranked Based and Recommended activities.
    Teachers at specific ranks are to access activities from both Mandatory and Ranked Based Training.
    In addition, they are required to select any of the categories within the Recommended Training to meet a required PD point at that rank in a PD cycle.
    8 The teacher can access training from the employer either at the school level through Professional Learning Communities-PLC (School-Based, Departmental Based or Cluster-Based) Community of Practice-CoP (Workshop for Heads of Institutions or School Improvement Officers (SISO)
    or teachers for a particular subject or teachers of a particular class (BS3, BS1, KG2) or teachers assigned with common roles and responsibilities. Such programmes are mostly supply-driven.

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    7. Teachers can also use the teachers’ portal to access PD activities from Accredited Service Providers on Demand.
    8. Teacher Continuous Professional Development activities can be accessed either from Supply Driven or Demand Driven Sources dependent upon the availability of such activities.
    Teachers are not restricted to accessing training from only one source and are also not obliged to access every paid Professional Development activity
    9. Demand Driven Programmes are those organised by Certified Service Providers. The Service Providers are individuals or organisations whose training contents have been approved by NTC as relevant for teachers.
    Teachers in most cases are required to pay for such training programmes out of their professional development allowance.
    In such situations, teachers have the right to negotiate their own payments and also decide on which one they may want to attend
    10. For GALOP, all training is considered supply-driven training where teachers are to attend without making payments for the training. In addition to crediting teachers’ accounts with PD points, certificates will be issued to certify their involvement in the training programme

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