Exploring the Decision Behind Making Computing an Optional Subject in the 2024 BECE

    Exploring the Decision Behind Making Computing an Optional Subject in the 2024 BECE

    Ferdinand EducationGhana | March 04 | Exploring the Decision Behind Making Computing an Optional Subject in the 2024 BECE


    “Discover why Computing was made optional in the 2024 BECE. Learn about the factors influencing this decision and the implications for students. Find out more!”


    The decision to make Computing an optional subject in the 2024 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) has sparked discussions among education stakeholders.

    This move, agreed upon by the Ghana Education Service (GES), West African Examinations Council (WAEC), and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), has raised questions about its rationale and implications for students.

    Education Blogger, Curriculum Specialist and Researcher, Ellis Ferdinand made an srticle to educate the public on the reasons for the inclusion of Computing as an optional subject at the 2024 BECE.

    Factors Leading to the Decision

    1. Infrastructure and Resources: One of the primary reasons cited for making Computing optional is the lack of infrastructure and resources to support its effective implementation.

    Since its introduction as a subject under the Common Core Programme (CCP) Curriculum, Computing has not seen significant investment or mobilization of resources by the government.

    Without adequate resources, including materials and expertise, teaching and learning Computing, especially advanced topics like robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and programming, become challenging.

    2. Equity and Access: Making Computing a compulsory subject would have placed students at a disadvantage, particularly those from schools with limited resources.

    Students who have access to resources and support for preparing for the subject would have had an unfair advantage over their peers. By making it optional, all students have the opportunity to choose based on their interests and available resources.

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     Stakeholder Perspectives

    Education Blogger Ellis Ferdinand has questioned whether there will ever be adequate resource mobilization for the teaching of Computing. Despite the decision to make it optional, concerns remain about the government’s commitment to providing the necessary resources and support for the subject’s effective implementation.

    Implications for Students

    1. Choice and Flexibility: The decision to make Computing optional provides students with choice and flexibility in their academic pursuits. Students who are interested in the subject or have access to resources can choose to study it, while others can opt for alternative subjects that align with their interests and abilities.

    2. Reduced Pressure: For students who may not have had access to resources or support for studying Computing, making it optional alleviates the pressure to excel in a subject they may not have been adequately prepared for. This can contribute to a more balanced and less stressful examination experience for students.

    3. Government Accountability: By making Computing optional, the decision also puts pressure on the government to prioritize the development and implementation of the subject in junior high schools (JHS) across the country. It highlights the need for increased investment in infrastructure, resources, and teacher training to ensure quality education in Computing.

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    In summary,  While the decision to make Computing an optional subject in the 2024 BECE may have been met with mixed reactions, it reflects a strategic approach to addressing the challenges associated with its implementation. By providing students with choice and flexibility, while also signaling the need for government accountability, this decision sets the stage for a more inclusive and equitable education system.


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