JUST IN: Coalition of Concerned Teachers sacks acting President King Ali Awudu


EducationGhana| December 22| CCT -GH: The Coalition of Concerned Teachers – Ghana (CCT-GH) has sacked its acting President King Ali Awudu.

The Union in a press statement issued on December 22, 2021, indicated that it has experienced unwarranted court cases under the leadership of the current acting president, King Ali Awudu and no attempt have been made to settle issues to free the Union.

”Somewhere around July 2020, there was hullabaloo going around the circles of the CCT-GH concerning financial misappropriation, especially on the CCT fund.” The leadership said.

The Union said the national organiser who was a signatory to some of the accounts wrote to the acting president, Mr King Ali Awudu to audit the books of accounts.

”This demand was turned down and subsequently, a founding member and a member of the Union called Mr Theophilus Dorkutcho wrote several petitions to the acting president demanding accountability of the CCT-GH books and also demand for the respect and adherence to the union’s constitution.” They said.

”This was also ignored and therefore Mr. Theophilus Dorkutcho took the matter to court for redress.” They added.

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Law Suits

According to the Union, The union, the CCT FUND, Mr Samuel Antwi (the chairman of the CCT fund), and the nine (9) national officers were all served individually and severally with suit number FT/0011/2021 at the Financial and Economic Crime Court division1 of the Accra high court.

The solicitor of the CCT-GH, Mr Dickson Tweneboah Koduah is defending the acting president Mr King Ali Awudu, the other six (6) national officers, the CCT-GH, the CCT FUND and Mr Samuel Antwi (chairman of CCT FUND).

The other two national officers are made up of the acting vice president, Mr Enoch Abrokwah Asante (representing himself) and the acting national organiser Mr Godfred Sepenu (represented by his own lawyer) in the ongoing court case.


Out of Court Settlement

In one of the court sittings, the union’s acting vice president Mr Enoch Abrokwah Asante succeeded in bringing the matter to be settled out of court.

This attempt to solve the matter failed because of the entrenched position taken by the acting president Mr King Ali Awudu.

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End of Year Packages

Another issue arising is the failure of the acting president Mr. king Ali awudu to deliver up till date notepads, diaries and leather files as the additional end of year packages to members since 2018.

”This created serious concerns among members in the union especially when the total amount covering the whole transaction has already been paid but the goods have not been delivered for close to four (4) years now.” The Union said.

Arrests on the Procurement of End of Year Packages

The Union said the matter was then reported to the Greater Accra regional police command by Mr Theophilus Dorkutcho (one of the founders and members of CCT-GH), Adome Daniel Kofi ( a founder and a member ) and Mr Godfred Sepenu ( acting national organiser ).

The acting president Mr King Ali Awudu, Awulley Adokwei the procurement Chairman of CCT-GH, Mr . Arko Forson Herbert, the general secretary of CCT-GH and Mr Vincent Bubunu, the contractor were all arrested by the Greater Accra regional police.

The CCT-GH union’s lawyer Mr Dickson Tweneboah Koduah in this criminal case is defending the acting president Mr King Ali Awudu, Adokwei Awuley Ayikwei ( communication director and procurement chairman)and Arko herbert Forson ( acting general secretary and chairman of finance and administration committee of CCT-GH)

”They were granted bail and investigation are still ongoing at the Greater Accra Regional police.” The statement said.


Murder Allegations against King Ali

The statement further indicated that another worrying event is the fact that the acting president was heard on a tape recording, proudly boasting to be involved in taking the life of his former headmaster at Barekese senior high secondary school and he will do the same if members keep on talking about issues concerning accountability and other matters.

”Brothers and sister this is criminal, The matter has therefore been reported to the Ashanti regional police by Mr Norbert Gborgbortsi ( a concerned, founding member as well as former deputy communication director of CCT-GH) as well as the family members of the late Barekese senior high school headmaster of Ashanti region.” They said.

The case is currently under investigation and has been referred to the Attorney general’s office.

”The CCT-GH Union’s lawyer Mr Dickson Tweneboah Koduah is defending the acting president Mr King Ali Awudu in this murder case too.” The Union said.

Suspension of Members by King Ali

The statement added, that Instead of addressing the concerns raised by the individuals in the union, King Ali has resorted to sacking and suspending members and officers on the flimsy grounds of bringing the name of the Union into disrepute.

”Very ironic to act that way. When the suspended and sacked individuals requested for further particulars necessitating their suspension and sacking, no answer has been proffered to date yet.”

”If clearly Ali and co think they have reasons for suspending and sacking officers and members who are not on his side, why not provide one to date since it has been almost …. months?” They asked.

”I will like to ask: If somebody is to be blamed for bringing the name of the CCT GH into disrepute, will it be the one who wants to make sure that the right thing is done? ”

”The one who calls for transparency, probity and accountability? OR The one who is preventing transparency, probity and accountability?”

”The one who wants to do things in his own way because he is the acting President of the Union? The one who sees himself as the chief interpreter of CCT GH constitution and will explain it to suit his course?”

”The one who has confessed to being a killer of his former Headmaster? Your guess is as good as mine.”

Other Accusations against King Ali

According to the statement, the following allegations were charged against him;

  1. King Ali Awudu has fallen short of the objectives of the union.
  2. He is not a unifier but rather a divisive, arrogant, disrespectful, and benevolent dictator.
  3. His divisive nature is spoiling the Union.
  4. King Ali Awudu do not have the welfare of the union at heart.
  5. He agrees to policies from GES and other stakeholders without consultation.
  6. His autocratic leadership can no longer work in CCT GH.

”Ladies and gentlemen of the press, with all these issues and other serious internal matters hanging on his shoulders, we are making it clear to all stakeholders and the public that we can no longer work with Mr King Ali Awudu as our acting president.”

Henceforth, he ceases to be the acting president of the union and no third party should deal with him directly or indirectly. Doing so will be at your own peril.” The Union said.


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