‘We can’t close the learning gap alone’ – World Bank to Ghanaians

The world bank Ghana has underscored the need for a concerted effort from all persons to end poverty across the globe.

The  World bank Ghana acting country manager Dr. Beatrix Allah-Mensah, speaking on October 17, 2019, at the country’s head office in Accra says they are unable to close the learning gap alone.

“We can’t close the learning gap alone. That is why the world Bank is setting a new learning target to sharpen support for quality primary education”, the acting country manager stated.

Dr. Beatrix Allah Mensah explained that parents, students, policymakers, teachers, principals, and education officials have a role to play in ending learning poverty.

She said parents must ask their kids to read to them and talk to their teachers to ensure that children are reading at an appropriate level.

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“Get involved in your child’s school as a volunteer, school committee member or by asking school representatives how you can help. Make sure your child has time and materials to study at home”, she directed.

She said students must make time to read a storybook every month, join reading clubs, share and apply what they learn but more importantly they must take their studies seriously.

Dr. Beatrix Allah Mensah also asked policymakers to be part of discussions, directions, implementation and evaluation of interventions that will contribute to ensuring achievement of agreed set targets.

On the part of teachers and principals, Dr. Beatrix Allah Mensah advised teachers to recognize and accommodate the different learning needs of students as principals were tasked to track teachers’ performance and offer recognition to the most effective teacher respectively.

“Support teachers  through proven training methods and take action to help ineffective teachers improve and take firm decisions to improve learning outcomes”

Dr. Beatrix Allah Mensah bemoaned that learning poverty for African children was  at forty-two percent making it difficult for most countries in the sub-region to lack the necessary evidence to act.

Dr. Beatrix Allah Mensah disclosed that the World Bank was committed to achieve ending learning poverty by 2030.

“The world Bank remains committed to achieving the goal of ending learning poverty. That is why world Bank is setting a new learning target to sharpen support for quality primary education.

By 2030, we want to reduce, by at least half, the share of children who can’t read and understand a simple story by age 10″, Dr. Beatrix Allah Mensah.

Meanwhile, children, students and other participants who were present at the event suggested that writers must be rewarded and writing clubs must be supported to ensure that there were enough reading materials available for students.

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Some participants who were writers argue that very little attention has been directed to the writing and publishing firms making it difficult to get more books available for reading.

They said it was challenging securing sponsorships for launching books and has requested that the world Bank make provisions available to assist them.

October 17 has been set aside on the UN calendar to be observed as the International Day for the eradication of poverty.

In the African region of the world Bank, 2019 end poverty day was marked under the theme “Ending Learning Poverty; What will it Take” with a call on all stakeholders to join hands achieve ending of learning poverty.

Richard Mensah Adonu

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