Full List of Prospectus for 2023 SHS Boarding School Boys

National Prospectus for SHS in Ghana Full List of Prospectus for 2023 SHS Boarding School Boys
Full List of Prospectus for 2023 SHS Boarding School Boys

Ferdinand | EducationGhana | January 29 |Full List of Prospectus for 2023 SHS Boarding School Boys

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the 2022 BECE results of which it is expected that some students shall be given Board Schools whilst some shall be day students.

Before the release of the list of school placements, some parents will wish to start buying prospectus.

Even though there are specific products for each institution, some items are general to all schools.

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has a standard prospectus list for senior high schools in Ghana, and this list seeks to guide parents on what to buy for their wards.

This article shares the prospectus for senior high schools in Ghana to guide parents as they prepare their wards for school. The list in this post is the general list created by the Ghana Education Service, and Senior High Schools have been allowed to add other items as they deem fit.

Therefore, you are advised to use our guide to have a fair idea of the items. For the exact items required by the school your child has been placed in, you are advised to get the list from the school’s administration.

But we can assure you that the difference in items will be minimal. If you have the financial strength, you can resort to this list to save yourself from traveling to the school for the list.

Below is the list of the prospectus for Senior High Schools in Ghana;

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Prospectus For Boarding School Boys

Below is the prospectus for boys who are attending boarding schools in any of the senior high schools in Ghana;




  • Tracksuit – 1 Set

  • African Print – 1 Set

  • 1 Pair Of White Trousers And Shirts Embossed With School Crest

  • 1 Khaki Trousers & White Shirts

  • School Cloth

  • Exeat Book



  • Ceremonial Dress Not Ready

  • Two Scrubbing Brushes

  • 2 Towel Or Rag (For Cleaning)

  • 1 Cutlass/ Hoe

  • 1 Mop &1 Plastic Long Broom

  • 1 Long Scrubbing Brush

  • Two White Bed Sheets And 2 Pillow Cases

  • Bible



  • Standard Brown Sandals For Classes

  • 5 Pairs Of White Socks

  • Toilet Roll (1 Pack)

  • Two Antiseptic (Dettol)

  • Small Chop Box

  • One Mosquito Net

  • Health Insurance(Compulsory)

  • Suitcase/Trunk



  • Two Plates, Mug & Saucer

  • One Set Of Cutlery & Two Napkins

  • One Sleeping Cloth & One Pillow

  • Plastic Bucket & Pail

  • 6 Handkerchiefs

  • Set Of Hangers

  • One Pair Of White Canvas Shoes

  • Pajamas (2)

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  • One Electric Iron

  • 1 Flash Light (Torch Light)

  • One Umbrella Or Rain Coat

  • Washing Powder, Bathing Soap, and Disposable

  • Shaving Sticks & Pegs

  • 1 Pair Of Black Shoe

  • 1 Black Belt And 1 Brown

  • Blanket

  • Two Khaki Short And Two White T- Shite (For After Class Wear)

  • One Other Bed Sheet


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Full List of Prospectus for 2023 SHS Boarding School Boys | 1



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