BECE 2022: Important Steps on How to Answer Social Studies Questions Correctly


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This article gives candidates the preparatory guidelines and tips for the 2022 BECE for them to be able to follow the trends in the conduct of the exams.

It is not meant to give students exact questions from WAEC but a comprehensive analysis of how the questions are been set over the years.

Social Studies is one of the four core subjects being taught at the Junior High Schools in Ghana and as much, is a very important determinant of the calculation of aggregates when considering the Grading of BECE Candidates for entry into the Senior Hugh Schools.

Over the years, candidates find it difficult to answer the Social Studies questions correctly.

This article shall guide candidates on how to successfully answer the Social Studies question for BECE in Ghana.

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a. Explain the meaning of the environment/what is the
environment/describe the environment.
b. Outline/Explain/Describe/Highlight/Account four importance of the

Answer script A (poor answering of the question)

a. Environment refers to our physical and social surroundings


b.i. Food
ii. Raw material
iii. Home for organisms
iv. Medicine


Answer script b (correct answering of the question)

a. Environment refers to our physical and social surroundings. The physical
surroundings include all the things we can see, feel and touch. Examples
are; the land, water bodies, vegetation and more.

The social environment deals with the interpersonal relationships among people in their societies. Examples are; festivals, language, music and dance. Indeed the
the environment is the immediate contact of mankind.

b. Environment refers to our physical and social surroundings. There are several importance of the environment. Some of the importance of the environment are; the provision of food, source of raw materials, home for organisms and provision of medicine. Below are the details of the importance of the environment.

The first importance of the environment is the provision of food. The environment provides us with food. All the foods we eat are obtained from the environment. Examples of plant foods are vegetables, root tubers and animal foods are beef, pork etc. These foods help us to grow and obtained energy to work.

In addition, the environment serves as the source of raw material. The environment helps us to get things needed for production. Some of the materials are used to manufacture artefacts that aid us in transport, communication, cooking and many more. Examples of raw materials provided by the environment are; timber, gold, soil, etc.

More importantly, the environment is the home for organisms. The environment provides a dwelling place for organisms to live. These places provide security and safety to multiply. Some of the organisms live on trees, land and water. Examples include; man, animals etc.
Finally, we get medicine from the environment.

The environment helps us to get medicine to cure diseases we face as mankind. We get these medicines from herbs, plants and other organisms. The medicines help us
to stay healthy and strong.

To conclude, the importance of the environment is; food, raw
materials, home and medicine that help in the survival of mankind.


                 Sample answer script 2

a. Define productivity
b. State four(4) factors affecting the productivity

              Answer script A (poor answering)

a. Productivity is output per man’s hour.
b. i. technology
ii. Education
iii. Supervision
iv. conditions of work

Answer script 2(correct answering)

Productivity is an output per man’s hour. It means what one can do at any given
time gave the needed resources and technology.

For instance, a person who can weed a plot of land in one hour is more productive than someone weeding a plot of land in 2 days if they all use the same resources and technology. Productivity is needed in every place where work is done.

b i. Technology can affect productivity eg. Using a computer in the workplace
ii. Productivity can be affected by education eg. Learning carpentry
iii. Supervision affects productivity
Iv. conditions of work affects productivity eg. Fatty salary




It could be observed, that the mode of answering the BECE questions in Social Studies has to do with a deeper explanation of the points being raised.

Social studies answers are basically essay type of responses by giving in-depth explanations to the questions,


Download the Social Studies Predicted questions and answers

Using the predicted questions and answers to guide yourself on how to answer questions on Social Studies as well as likely examination questions.

I wish all BECE candidates the best in their exams,

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