Top 8 Strategies for choosing the Best Health Insurance Policies for International Students in America

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Ferdinand | EducationGhana | January 17 |Top 8 Strategies for choosing the Best Health Insurance Policies for International Students in America 

Insurance is a key strategy to saving a lot of your stipend on health as an international student in the United State of America.

It is therefore very important students get to know some answers to possible questions on the comparison of health insurance policies for international students in the US in 2023.

This article shall also take you through the best processes of identifying purchasing insurance policies in America.

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Finding reliable and affordable health insurance as an international student can be confusing; especially if you have not needed health insurance in your home country.

Medical costs in the United States are very expensive, and one injury or illness can cost you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Below is the list of Top 10 Strategies for choosing the Best Health Insurance Policies for International Students in America

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1. Period of Student Health Insurance Plan

The period of an insurance plan for international students is dependent on the period of stay in the US for your education. Every insurance plan has its own requirements

Some student health insurance plans will have a minimum period of a few days to one month – depending on which one you choose; and a maximum period of 364 days to one year – with the option to renew if additional coverage is needed.

2. Cost of Health Insurance by International Students

The cost of health insurance can vary depending on many factors like what’s included in the plan, your age, how long you need coverage, along with if the plan is medically underwritten and what the findings during that process entail. The best way to get an accurate price is by getting a free quote.

3. Cheapest health insurance for international students in the USA

It is possible to find reliable health insurance at a reasonable rate, however, cheap is not always better when it comes to coverage.

It’s important to find a reliable plan first and foremost, and a good place to start is by looking at what’s included in the plan along with any internal caps on the benefits. Additionally, you will need to factor in any requirement you need your plan to meet either through your school or if you’re on a J visa – through the federal government.

4. Are international students required to have health insurance?

Many international students are required to have health insurance that meets predetermined standards set by their college or university.

It’s important to confirm with your school’s international student office if they have a list of requirements your plan should meet before you make your purchase.

Students on an F visa are not required to meet federal health insurance requirements; however, students and dependents on a J visa will need to have an insurance plan that meets the federal J visa requirements as follows:

  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of remains coverage of at least $25,000
  • Medical evacuation coverage of the J1 visitor to his or her home country in the amount of $50,000
  • A deductible of $500 per accident or illness or less
  • A policy is underwritten by an insurance carrier with:
    • an A.M. Best rating of ‘‘A-’’ or above;
    • a McGraw Hill Financial/Standard & Poor’s Claims paying Ability rating of ‘‘A-’’ or above;
    • a Weiss Research, Inc. rating of ‘‘B+’’ or above;
    • a Fitch Ratings, Inc. rating of ‘‘A-’’ or above;
    • a Moody’s Investor Services rating of ‘‘A3’’ or above;

If you need a health insurance plan that will meet J visa insurance requirements, start by exploring the Student Health plan or Travel Medical plan.

5. How quickly can my health insurance coverage start?

This depends on the plan you purchase. Some international student plans, like the Student Health plan, can begin on the same day you purchase your plan; while others may have next-day coverage or require your application to go through a review process. By going through our virtual agent in the right column of this page you can see plans that fit the dates of coverage you need.

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6. What does health insurance cover?

Health insurance plans are primarily designed to cover the unforeseen – new injuries or illnesses that occur after your plan has been purchased.

Although some plans do have some pre-existing condition coverage, it’s important to check the benefits and exclusions of each plan.

A few key items that plans usually include, and that you will want to check the coverage on include doctor’s visits, hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation coverage and repatriation of remains.

7. Can international students get medical insurance?

Yes! And it’s very important that they purchase health insurance. Medical expenses like a broken bone, a doctor’s visit for a cold or hospitalization in an emergency can be extremely expensive when studying in the United States.

Having medical insurance can help cover costs when the need strikes. Find a plan that works with your budget as a student, but that also has key coverage that international students need – like doctor’s visits, hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. A great place to start the comparison process is with our virtual agent in the right column.

8. International Student Insurance Plans

Find and compare international student health insurance coverage options quickly and easily. Get the right medical insurance coverage by visiting International Student Insurance

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