Procedure for the Collection of BECE and WASSCE Certificates from WAEC


EducationGhana| March 02| Procedure for the Collection of BECE and WASSCE Certificates from WAEC: 

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) awards a certificate to any candidate who obtains at least a pass in any of the subjects offered in its examinations.

Certificates are issued within three months after the release of the final results.

Conditions for the Issue of Certificates

  • The certificate issued is and remains, the property of the West African Examinations Council at all times and it is issued on the following conditions:
  • Any alteration to the certificate renders it invalid.
  • The certificate must be surrendered to The West African Examinations Council on request.
  • The certificate should be kept in a safe place.
  • The West African Examinations Council will not issue any other copy of the original certificate.



The procedures for the collection/receipt of certificates are as follows:


(a) Basic Education Certificate Examination


The certificates are forwarded to the District Directors of Education for onward despatch to schools. Candidates may then collect their certificates from their heads of school.


(b) West African Senior School Certificate Examination for School Candidates.


The certificates are despatched to Heads of School for collection by their candidates.


(c) West African Senior School Certificate Examination for Private Candidates.


  • Certificates for Private Institutions which are allowed to register candidates are collected from the WAEC Office in the region of the school by the school authorities.
  • All other private candidates are expected to complete application forms for the collection of certificates and submit them to the WAEC Offices in the regions where they wrote the examination. They are expected to attach their recent passport-size photographs endorsed by witnesses in any of the following categories:


  • A senior officer of the security services not below the rank of Major/Superintendent or its equivalence.
  • A Senior Public Servant (Principal executive officer and above).
  • A Qualified and Registered Medical Practitioner (herbalists are not accepted)
  • A Solicitor or Barrister (Commissioner of oaths not accepted)
  • An Assistant Director of a Public Secondary School or Training College.

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Procedures for collecting certificates by candidates outside Ghana

  • A candidate who lives outside Ghana and wants to collect his/her certificate must arrange for a responsible person to collect the appropriate form from any of the Council’s Offices in the country for him/her.
  • The candidate should then fill in the said form and attach clear photocopies of the following pages of his/her passport where


  • His/her particulars are stated.
  • His/her profession is stated.
  • His/her visa for the trip out of Ghana is.
  • The signature of the Director of Passport is.
  • The bearer’s signature is.


  • The completed form together with the required attachments must be submitted to the Council by a person mandated by the candidate to collect the certificate for and on his/her behalf.
  • The person collecting the certificate on behalf of the owner must provide a valid identification and must have an authority note from the candidate mandating him/her to collect the certificate for and on his/her behalf.
  • The person collecting the certificate may endorse the application form as well as the picture of the candidate if he/she is competent by the regulations to do so.
  • Candidates who are unable to meet the requirements herein cannot have their certificates released till they appear in person to be interviewed.

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For enquires about certificates, you may contact the Deputy Registrar/Head, Certificate Department, Telephone +233-302 -208201-9

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