Top 14 steps to verify school choices accurately for the 2023 placement into SHS/ TVET


Ferdinand | EducationGhana | January 19 |Top 14 steps to verify school choices accurately for the 2023 placement into SHS/ TVET


How to verify your ward/s school choices for placement into SHS/TVT.

  1. You will receive sms
  2. In the sms there are links and shortcodes you can use either or both

  3. In the sms you see a token code it is different for each candidate

  4. Now if you want to use the links just click/press on the link

  5. Wait small a pop up will appear


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  1. In the pop up you will see the candidate index number box
  2. Enter/ type your ward index number for example 052807001

  3. In the same pop up you will see a token box under the index number box

  4. Enter/type the token in sms you received earlier for example 4Ms22

  5. Your ward school choices will be displayed


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  1. There is edit, confirm and print in the display
  2. Edit is for administrators only either the school/ education office

  3. Confirm if you satisfy all the school choices

  4. Print out or save it in pdf or screenshot for school placement to be out

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NOTE: 1. If only your ward/s provided your contact on the school selection form. Some provided their own contact or the wrong contact

  1. If you want to edit take the printout/saved/ screenshot to the administrators in 12 above.

Deadline:14 Jan-22 Jan 23. Thanks very much.

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