Parliament does not approve the 2022/23 Fees being issued by University Management – UCC SRC

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Ferdinand|EducationGhana| November 22|Parliament  does not approve the 2022/23 Fees being issued by University Management – UCC SRC

The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has indicated that the University management did not wait for approval from the parliament of Ghana before issuing the fees for the 2022/23 Academic Year.

The SRC made this comment in response to allegations by sections of the students of the SRC supported the approval of the fees for the Academic year.

In a statement issued by the SRC, it indicated, that taking notice of the recent issues regarding the 2022/2023 academic year fees, the leadership of the SRC, GRASAG and Local NUGS of the University of Cape Coast has made a publication to address the issues.

The statement which was signed by the SRC President – Latif Lawrence Jorhowie, the GRASAG President – Adam Achire, and Moses Acquah – the Local NUGS President made some 9 explicit points on the fees and the way forward for the next academic year.

Some of these points are:

1. We can confirm to you that in March 2022, the Residence Committee proposed, for the University Council’s consideration, an upward adjustment of the school fees for the 2022/2023 academic year.

2. We can confirm to you that in April 2022, the Finance Committee recommended the proposed increase in students’ fees for consideration by the University Council at its 112th Regular Meeting.

3. The proposed fees for the 2022/2023 academic year were that apart from the ICT User Fee which was increased by a lump sum from GH¢96 to GH¢280, all other components of the fees increased by 15% of last academic year’s fees.

4. The University Council in April 2022, approved this fee increment proposal and thereafter submitted the same to Parliament through the Ghana Tertiary Education Council (GTEC) for final approval.

5. However, as of now, there exists no documentary evidence of the approval of Parliament before the proposed fees can take effect.

6. In meetings with University Management followed by a written letter, we have indicated that without any documentary evidence of Parliamentary approval, the University should charge the previous academic year’s fees until such a time that Parliament approves the proposed fees.

7. The understanding, therefore, is that until the government through parliament approves the new fees, the old school fees should be uploaded into the student’s portal instead of the yet-to-be-approved fees.

8. We, therefore, write to inform all students that despite the fact that the new fees (yet to be approved by Parliament) have been uploaded in some student portals, students should go ahead and pay the PREVIOUS academic year’s fees pending any subsequent parliamentary approval. We have already discussed this with management.

9. What it means is that if at any time government through parliament chooses to approve the new fees, students would have to pay the difference.

The student leadership ended their write-up by indicating how committed they are to championing the interest of their students as they are all in the system together.


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Parliament does not approve the 2022/23 Fees being issued by University Management - UCC SRC | 1



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