No more direct re-engagement of GES Staff – GES

Staff of the Ghana Education Service who exited their posts for other engagements with or without the approval of the Ghana Education Service,shall no longer be given direct re-engagement or re-entry  into the service.

The Ghana Education Service indicated that such staff should not be re-engaged without the approval of the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service.

The GES made this revelation in a letter dated March 28,2019 ,signed by the Director of the Human Resource Management Division of the Ghana Education Service ,Mrs Adjoa Van Vicker,for the Director-General.

GES Explains Decision

Explaining the reason for this directive,the Ghana Education Service indicated,that once a person is taken off the payroll at their exit,their re-entry or re-engagement requires financial clearance.

The GES further indicated that the financial clearance must be applied for by the Director-General as well the availability of vacancy.

The GES concluded that in as much as the service may require the services of such staff,it shall no longer pass through the re-entry or re-engament process.

Re-engament in the GES

In the Ghana Education Service,a staff who exits his or her duties temporally to either further their education of for other reasons with the purpose of coming back to work with  the GES are taken through process known as the re-entry or re-engagemnt process.

Previously,such staff are being re-engaged at their regional or district directorates to continue thei duties at schools or offices in their respective regions or districts where their services might be needed.

The process at that level may not consider financial clearance fromthe finance ministry but only vacancies available.

Study Leave Possibilities

With this directive ,it may not be clear if going for study leave could be of much importance if there might be the need to apply for jobs after your study leave .

The application in this instance may not be an assurance for re-engament until financial clearance is being issued for such purposes.

Distance Education Opportunities

This directive when implemented might mean that Distance Education might be  the best option if a staff of the GES wishes to still work with the GES without neccesarily going through the supposedly beaurocratic re-engament process.

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