JUST IN: UCC states top 4 reasons its Distance Education is Not ‘Bogus’ and ‘Sub-Standard’

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) affectionately referred to as the ‘University of Competitive Choice’ ,has refuted claims that its Distance Education was ‘bogus’ and ‘sub-standard’.

The University Management,in a statement issued on Monday July 1,2019 refuted the claims by one Educationist and Counselor Daniel Fenyi.

According to UCC, Management’s attention has been drawn to some false
information circulating on social media by one Daniel Fenyi, on the above

The authorities said they  wish to state without equivocation that the article is a well-
orchestrated attempt by the writer to fabricate and propagate falsehood
against, arguably, the leading Distance mode of education in Ghana.

The University thereby came out with the following facts as its defense for describing the Distance Education as one of the best in Ghana.


1. That UCC DE accepts students with weak grades:

UCC explained that Just as the regular mode,applicants with 6-credit passes are admitted.

They further stated that  matured entrance examinations are conducted to admit those who successfully pass the exams, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National
Accreditation Board.

”The difference is that, qualified students are admitted into distance education to study in the comfort of their homes.” It said.

2. That UCC DE has a confused programme structure:

On the above statement,UCC said the College regularly restructures its programmes to conform with current trends in secondary education in the country.

”For example, programmes like B. Ed Accounting, Management, Social Studies and Arts have been introduced to reflect the positioning of UCC as a Centre of Excellence in Education.” It said.

3. That only PhD holders are to lecture:

UCC emphasized that Course Tutors do not teach and they are not lecturers.

”They help facilitate courses using the modules written by same professors and lecturers of the University. Indeed, for DE, the module is the teacher or lecturer since modules were written in interactive manner.” It said.

”Hence, the student while studying the module, feels like he/she is in a
classroom setting in the presence of the Lecturer.”

”The facilitators/tutors at the Study Centres help the students in the usage of the modules. ” It clarified.

UCC said even though one does not need a PhD to facilitate a course, most of the course
facilitators hold master degrees and a number of them also hold PhD degrees or are pursuing PhD programmes.

It is important to note that majority of the facilitators are from Colleges of Education, Technical ”Universities and Public/Private Universities in Ghana.” It said.

4. That Distance Education graduates are facing employment challenges
because their certificates are deemed inferior:

The University management described this as  a baseless statement
without any proof.

According to them,Unemployment situation is widespread and affects all
graduates irrespective of mode of education one undergoes.

”In fact, it is a social problem, which the Government of Ghana acknowledges.” It said.

”Graduates of DE are awarded the same certificates as their regular
counterparts. Besides, many UCC DE graduates are gainfully employed in
several sectors of the Ghanaian economy.” It said.

UCC  therefore wishes to urge its stakeholders to ignore this malicious piece of article,
and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

”The University of Cape Coast Distance Education will continue to pursue excellence in the delivery of innovative, demand-driven, learner-oriented and cost-effective distance programmes,

aimed at assisting individuals in overcoming geographical, economic, social and
cultural barriers to study.” It concluded.


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