”Bible is a Copy and Paste Book from Ancient Egypt” – UG Lecturer

An African Studies lecturer at University of Ghana, Dr Obadele Kambon, has described the Christian Bible, specifically, the Old Testament, as a collection of plagiarized thoughts of other people.

Dr Obadele Kambon, a lecturer in the African Studies Department at the University of Ghana, has described the Holy Bible of Christians as nothing but “a false book wholly based on plagiarized texts, lies and deceit”.

According to the report available to YEN.com.gh, Dr Kambon was speaking on an online radio when he made the comments.

The scholar argued that some biblical concepts, doctrines and text were copied from the ‘Egyptian pyramid text’, ‘the coffin texts’, ‘Egyptian book of coming forth by day’ and the ‘instruction of Amenemope’ which form some of the world’s oldest spiritual texts.

 Dr Kambon was quoted by Therealafrican.com as saying,

“We can still go and read it carved in stones, Over 5,000 years ago, there’s a depiction of the Immaculate Conception in the temple of Seti I, also Imhotep overseeing the birth of the “savior” in temples in Kemmet (Egypt). The adulteration of the real story was during the Hyksos (people of mixed race from Europe and Asia) invasion of Egypt in 1700 BC.”

To further drive home his point, Dr Kambon quoted certain scriptures from the Bible as renditions of ancient Egyptian thoughts and works.

Proverbs 23 featured prominently in his examples of scriptures that he claimed were adopted.


 The lecturer suggested that the Bible is part of a history of ploys by certain non-African people who seek to remake the world in their image.

He therefore  called on Africans to move away from believing what he describes fairy tales and beliefs to deal with historical documentation only.


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