Awutu-Senya Dist. GAST Organizes workshop for Science Teachers

The Awtu Senya District Education Directorate,in collaboration with the Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GAST) has organized a one-day workshop for Science Teachers in the District’s Basic Schools.

The workshop which was held at the premises of the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Awutu Beraku,took place on Tuesday,March 19,2019.

Purpose of The Workshop

The workshop was organized to help teachers of the Integrated Science Subject in the various Basic Schools in the district todevelop professional skills and Competence to be able to teach prepare pupils for Integrated Science Examinations both internally and externally.

THE Workshop was also meant to introduce a Science Project to the Teachers ,which was expected to guiude them assist their pupils to produce practical Projects to be abl;e to compete with  other pupls in a competition being organized by the Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GAST).

The Purpose of the Competition according to the National GAST President,Mr. Samuel Agudogo,was to produce futuure Scientists through practical experience,iand the acquisition of the Scientific Knowledge and Skllls in order to solve live problems.

Strategies for Solving Science Questions in the BECE

The National Integrated Science Panel Converner of GAST, Mr. Samuel Larbi,tookthe participants through detailed strategies for solving Integrated Science Questionsin the BECE.


The participants were also taken through some practical aspects of subject,including,Matter,Compound,Energy etc.

Director’s suggestions

The  Distritrict Director of Education congratulated all participants and called for more practical approaches to Science Education.

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