Basic School Teachers call on GES, Unions to help resolve challenges


EducationGhana, MAY 14, Basic Schools: Teachers at the Country’s  Public Basic Schools have called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Teacher Unions to come to their aid in resolving some pertinent challenges being faced at their various schools.

The teachers believed the GES and the Unions turned deaf ears to their challenges for a very long time of which the continuous silence of the teachers themselves has contributed to the silence of their employers and union leaders.


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Backing Vocalists

A concerned Basic School teacher in an interview with EducationGhana’s Ellis Ferdinand described the teachers as ‘backing vocalists, who needed to be united to have a voice that could wake their employer and unions from their long sleep.

”But when “we all” or “many” come together, we would rather become the leading vocalist to attract better things into the family of teaching.” He said.

He however indicated that Intimidation is raiding the system at the detriment of the beauty of the profession and the quality of impact made on the learners.

”We can’t sit silently to pretend as if everything is right in our education system. It’s never true. It’s so,  for the fear of been attacked by the employer or otherwise.” He said.

”You and I among many know for real that, just running of the basic schools these days has become a hard rock to break. Ask headteachers whether they received a capitation grant for the just-ended term? How did they run the school?” He quizzed.

Meanwhile, the teachers outlined the following challenges affecting their work at the Basic School level in the country.


The teachers said no fund has been released to administer the schools. ”Where some parents are willing to give, there is a policy of freeing everything and so they’ve also closed up their minds,” they said.

”When a plea is made, they see it to be a strategy to exploit them behind the government’s free policies.” The teachers added.

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The teachers said the infrastructural facilities at the Basic Schools was nothing commendable. They indicated that the poor infrastructures in the form of classrooms, furniture among others have hindered smooth academic work for years.



The teachers lamented that there has been Low attention being given to the practical study of Technology in the Basic schools.

They added, that the worst affected schools are located in the rural areas  as well as among some urban schools.



The introduction of the Standard-based curriculum, according to the Teachers was timely but its implementation was rather unfortunate.

According to them, for close to two years, a “change” was made in their basic education curriculum and till now teachers keep wandering on the internet finding contents to be delivered.

”Meanwhile many stay in dilapidated network areas. No one seems to be concerned. Though textbooks don’t solve it all, however, they play a greater role in teaching and studying. Where are the hard and soft copies of government-approved Textbooks? Where has NACCA been from the start of the change till now? Who were their consultants?” They asked.


Teacher Unions

The concerned teacher indicated, that in the teaching fraternity, he still doesn’t get the “essential use” of Teacher unions as decentralized as low as each school having a representative since they (teachers) always sit to wait on the national reps to act on their challenges.

”Cant we as in our schools, circuits and districts make our challenges in the teaching work be heard and to be addressed? Are you sure your learners are fed with the best even though you do your best?” He queried.



The concerned teacher asked why some Urban schools were rather enjoying teachers’ bungalows while the rural schools where accommodation is a daydream to the community stands without even a hat to serve as a place of residence.

He called for an equal distribution of bungalows at the basic schools to help teachers get good accommodation to be able to get to their various schools as early as practically possible.

”Who would let all these be heard and be addressed if we (teachers) don’t turn to be vocal on them?” He asked.


The teachers thereby called on the GES and their Union Lenders to act quickly to solve the above-mentioned challenges before things practically get out of hands.

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