2022: Teacher Trainees Association Inaugurates New Judicial Committee Members


The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has inaugurated a new Judicial Committee (JC) Members.

As a constitutional mandate, the Members of the Judicial Committee were appointed by the National President of the Association Mr. Jonathan Dzunu in consultation with the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Association.

The newly appointed Judicial Committee Members of TTAG were sworn in on Sunday, 22nd May 2022 at a NEC meeting held at Freeman Methodist Guest House, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The National President, Mr. Jonathan Dzunu charged the JC Members to work in unity, and togetherness within the confines of the existing TTAG Constitution in the best of the Association and its membership across the Forty-six (46) Accredited Public Colleges of Education in Ghana.

He admonished the NEC and teacher trainees to give the committee the needed support to smoothly and effectively administer their constitutionally mandated responsibilities.

Speaking on behalf of the newly constituted Judicial Committee, Mr Nicholas Kelvin Agboni (Committee Secretary) assured NEC that, the committee shall work with all structures of the Association especially the constitution in performing its functions.

According to Mr. Agboni, nobody is above the Constitution of the Association, that, anyone, either a JC member or NEC member or a teacher trainee or even the president of the TTAG who made the appointment shall be brought before the committee and shall go through the arbitrary procedures of the TTAG if he/she contravenes or breaches the Constitution of the noble Association.

He also appealed to NEC and teacher trainees in Colleges of Education to cooperate with the Judicial Committee Members to perform their roles.

According to the Article 40 of the TTAG Constitution,

1. There shall be a seven-member national judiciary committee which shall serve for 2-year tenure.

2. The sitting national coordinator shall be an automatic member of the committee but shall cease to be a member at the end of his tenure as national coordinator.

3. Other members of the committee shall be ex-offficios of NEC and shall be appointed by the national president in consultation with NEC and with representatives from all sectors.

4. The committee shall elect its chairperson and secretary from among its members.

5. Members of the committee shall not serve beyond two terms of two years, thus 4 years.

This means that the current Judiciary Committee’s tenure of office shall end in 2024. The members still stand the chance of re-appointment after serving their first term of office.



a. Effectively interpret the clauses of the constitution.

b. Determine the need to amend or review an article, a clause or any part of the constitution.

c. Determine whether there is a breach of the constitution as and when the need arises.

d. Perform any other duty or duties assigned it by GA, Congress or NEC.

e. Recommend sanctions for defaulters to the necessary body or bodies for onward actions to be taken judiciously and fairly.

Find below, the seven (7) new members of the TTAG JUDICIAL COMMITTEE (JC) and brief portfolios occupied in TTAG/Local TTAG.

1. Choose, Mesiwòtso Ernest – Committee Chairman (EGA Sector Representative).

Ghoose Mesiwòtso Ernest served as an SRC President of Mount Mary College of Education, Somanya (2016/2017),  a former TTAG-EGA President (2017/2018) and a former NEC Member (2017/2018).

2. Agboni Nicholas Kelvin – Committee Secretary (VOLTA/OTI Sector Representative).

Agboni Nicholas Kelvin was SRC General Secretary of Akatsi College of Education (2016/2017), a former TTAG National General Secretary (2017/2018) and a former Member of NEC (2017/2018).

3. Kparibo Ernest Biemiba – National Coordinator of TTAG (Automatic Member).


Mr. Kparibo Ernest Biemiba was SRC General Secretary of St. John Bosco’s College of Education (2017/2018), General Secretary for  the Association of Teacher Trainees in Colleges of the Northern Sector, ATTRICONS (2018/2019), National Administrator of TTAG (2020/2021) and the current National Coordinator of  TTAG (2021/2022).

4. Mawuli Moses – Member (ASHBA Sector Representative)


Mawuli Moses served as Offinso College of Education SRC Financial Secretary (2017/2018), a former TTAG National Financial Secretary (2018/2019) and a former NEC member (2018/2019).

5. Abubakar Ibrahim – Member (National Representative on JC)


Abubakar Ibrahim served as SRC Vice President of Bagabaga College (2017/2018), a Deputy General Secretary of the Association of Teacher Trainees in Colleges of the Northern Sector, ATTRICONS (2018/2019). He was a Coordinator of ATTRICONS during the 2019/2020 TTAG year and NEC member, TTAG – 2019/2020.

6. Chimsa, Jaburt Farouk – Member (ATTRICONS Sector Representative)

Chimsa, Jaburt Farouk is a former SRC president of Gbewaa College of Education (2016/2017), former president of the Association of Teacher Trainees in Colleges of the Northern Sector, ATTRICONS (2017/2018), a former NEC member (2017/2018 and 2018/2019 TTAG years), a former National Coordinator of TTAG (2018/2019) and by that extension an automatic JC member (2018/2019).

7. Torgbuivi Alex – Member (WEC Sector Representative)


Torgbuivi Alex was SRC Welfare/Financial secretary of Enchi College of Education (2017/2018), a former TTAG WEC Sector financial secretary (2018/2019), and a former TTAG WEC Sector Coordinator (2019/2020) and a former NEC Member (2019/2020).

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