Young Ghanaian listed among Top-10 Young Professionals in the African Space Industry

Ernest Teye Matey

Ernest Teye Matey is part of the trio that built and launched Ghana’s first satellite, GhanaSat-1. He is a co-founder and outreach manager of the All Nations University – Space Systems Technology Laboratory (ANU-SSTL) responsible for the development of the GhanaSat-1.

He is also the Site Manager for the NASA Aerosol Robotic Network ( AERONET) located in Koforidua, Ghana.

Currently, He is the National Point of Contact to Ghana for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in support of the United Nations Program for Space Applications.

He is a facilitator for the ongoing African Constellation Satellite Project ( AFCONSAT). Ernest Teye Matey has a Master’s degree in Applied Science for Integrated Systems Engineering from the Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT).

With the support of All Nations University, he has organized Space and STEM education programs that reached more than 7,000 students, involving over 50 different high schools from over 30 different districts in Ghana.

He also plays a role as a mentor at the National Science and Maths Quiz Competition in Ghana. Ernest has been working on a proposal through the Ministry of Communication to use Space Science and Satellite Technology to extend practical STEM education to all constituencies in Ghana.

His career orientation is Space Mission Analysis/ Design and Radio Communication. At his leisure, he reads. He believes he has a voice to the world like his mentor Dr Samuel Donkor, President of All Nations University. Koforidua. Ghana.


He commenced his school education at Oklibone International School, Somanya, in
the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Afterward, he proceeded to the Pentecost Preparatory School, Koforidua. His senior secondary education was obtained from Pope John Senior High, Koforidua and he had his first degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the All Nations University where he currently lectures.

In 2017, he earned a master’s degree in Applied Science for Integrated
Systems Engineering at the Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan.

Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

Ernest is currently the National point of contact for Ghana to the SGAC in support
of the United Nations program for space applications. He was elected in 2017 and
is still serving to promote space technology in Ghana.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) AERONET
Ernest is currently the site manager for the NASA Aerosol Robot, situated at the
University in Koforidua, Ghana. The Robot measures aerosols in the atmospheres
above Ghana. This data is used for meaningful applications in climatology.


Ernest is one of the trio who developed and launched Ghana’s first satellite dubbed
GhanaSat-1 into space in 2017. He mainly worked on the radio communication
system of the satellite.

This achievement by the trio was considered as one of the seven (7) most significant achievements of a Ghanaian in the field of Science and Technology. The team includes Dr. Benjamin Bonsu, the project manager and inspirer of the team, and Mr. Joseph Quansah.

CanSat and Ground Station

In 2012, Ernest (@22) with the team demonstrated the capacity to launch a
satellite. This was done by the launch of a miniature satellite designed into a 500ml
can, with the aim of taking aerial photographs over the community and it was a

This great feat was the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2014, the
team developed an amateur ground station at the university campus which can
communicate with satellites passing over the region and has made successful
contact with more than 30 satellites.

In addition, the team made a historic mark by establishing a two-way communication with astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) in 2014.

Amateur Radio

Ernest is a licensed amateur operator with an “extra-class” license, which is the
highest level of license attainable by three series of examinations.

In 2014, he practiced the Hamsphere Virtual Radio Communication challenge, where he
obtained both the bronze and silver award for making successful contacts with 50
operators internationally.

Outreach and Education Programs

As the outreach manager of the All Nations University-Space Systems Technology
Laboratory (ANU-SSTL), Ernest has a remarkable record of reaching more than
7,000 students from up to 50 schools from over 30 different districts in Ghana with
his outreach and education programs.

This includes the Annual World Space Week events in Ghana. He is also the pioneer and organizer of the Annual Space and STEM research and PowerPoint Presentation competition for high schools in Ghana.

He organized his first outreach program at 22. He has served in the capacity as a mentor at the National Science and Maths Quiz program. In 2018, He was contracted through the Ghana Education Service to organize a seminar for some science teachers on how to make STEM education more practical.

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African Constellation Satellite Project (AFCONSAT)

Ernest is a facilitator of the ongoing AFCONSAT project which has brought
together 8 African countries to develop and launch the first constellation of satellites developed by African engineers and scientists.

Awards and Honors

In 2013, the team was recognized with the Ghana Youth Excellence Award from
Waves International. The GhanaSat-1 project attracted the Engineering Excellence
award from the Ghana Institute of Engineers.

In 2017, Ernest with the team wa honored by the President of Ghana for the launch of GhanaSat-1. He also received the Apollo award from the Omanhene of the New Juaben traditional area.

Religious Dedication

Ernest is a devoted Christian, a preacher and a deacon at the All Nations Full
Gospel Church. He has served as a dedicated church worker being a cell leader,
board secretary, and presently the patron of the prayer and evangelism group.

He has also ministered at some high schools at their worship services and has been a
great inspiration to the youth.

He was raised in the Church of Pentecost. Currently, he is compiling a book titled “Now that You Want to Serve”, which is purposed to be used as a training manual for workers in the house of God.


Ernest is the proprietor of the company called “Tithers”. It operates businesses
such as the Agormanya Kenkey factory which has currently created sustainable
jobs for six individuals. The company is also positioned to pursue transport

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Leisure and Personality
At his leisure, he prefers to read or teach. Ernest has a sociable personality, a good
sense of humor, and is disciplined.

His mentor is Dr. Samuel Donkor, President of All Nations University. He is bent on mentoring others to be pace-setters. His Facebook account is Ernest Matey Kekeli


Ernest believes that by age 33, he would be able to achieve thrice his current progress by the grace and leading of God.


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