Render Proper Account on GH¢2 deductions before increasing Cancer Fund Contributions – GNAT told

TEACHER GNAT: TEACH double track

Local Executives and members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) are calling on the managers of the Union’s Cancer Fund Contributions to render proper accounts to the entire membership before requesting for an increase in the fund contribution by its members.

Adanuty J Paul, the Akpini Local Chairman in a press statement indicated, that the leadership of GNAT should know that they have taken the oath of office to fight for the right and protection of the classroom teacher but not to suppress them and impose unnecessary levy on them which some may not even benefit from.

The statement further indicated, that he was  not against the increment in the GNAT CANCER FUND, if only the leadership of GNAT at the national level specifically the national president Madam Philippa and the General Secretary Mr Thomas Musa will respond to the following swiftly;
1. Proper account must be rendered on the 2.00 collected

  1. All those who benefited must be known by the union members not executives
  2. The centre bought is to serve the whole of West Africa so what does the classroom teacher stand to benefit from the centre in terms of the profit that would be made?

  3. Who will pay the specialist to be employed at the centre?

  4. At what interest rate has the union GNAT borrowed the said amount from our own mutual fund to pay for the centre and how is the said amount going to be paid with whose money?

”The classroom teacher must not be taken for granted by the leadership of the union which is supposed to protect the interest of the classroom teacher.” He said.

He thereby called on all teachers to rise for them to resist the oppressors rule in the GNAT.

The Proposal

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has proposed an increment in the cancer fund contribution by its members from GH¢2.00 to GH¢5.00.

GNAT has said that the proposed increment has become very necessary because the GH¢2 monthly contributions Per member can no more sustain the cancer fund.

”In response to this reality, therefore, the organization wishes to propose an increase to Five Ghana Cedis (GH¢5.00) per member per month” The Association indicated.

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Current Contribution

The GNAT said a quick juxtaposition of the revenue from the GH¢2 being paid per member per month with its expenditure over the same period makes the fact clearer that there was the need for an increment on the find contribution to sustain the fund.

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