JUST IN; OLA SHS ”Kpokeke Girls” Apologised for gross misconduct;Promise to ”Turn Over New Leaves”

Six students of OLA Girls Senior High School, Ho, who were caught consuming “kpokeke”, an alcoholic beverage in a viral video have apologized to the School and its stakeholders.

The students in question have rendered their apologies both verbally and through writing.

The six students said their “untutored behaviour” stemmed from the excitement of having completed their examinations, which, they claimed, took away their “sense of reason” and therefore pleaded for forgiveness and counsel to reform.

“We are highly apologetic for offending the sensibilities of all, please accept our collective regret and forgive us.” they said.

The Committee has also asked that the students clear their conscience by applying themselves to penance, a Catholic sacrament for atonement, restitution, repentance, and absolution.

This would be undertaken by each of them at any chosen venue under guidance.

Headmistress of the School, Mrs Regina Coffee, explained  that the incident had given the School’s authorities sleepless nights originating from the ridicule and name-calling meted out by the public but was somehow relieved from that stress and thanked the Committee.

“Let us forge strength together and bring the image of the School back on track and refrain from totally condemning them,” she said.

The Headmistress also stated that the School would redouble its efforts to be stern on security measures and step up counselling of students on morality to forestall future occurrences.

She therefore urged continuing students to take a cue from the fallout and be circumspect in their activities as the  School would descend heavily on would-be actors that may bring disgrace to it.


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