Direct Posting of Graduate Teachers by GES Practically Impossible – Ellis Ferdinand

Award-winning Education Blogger Ellis Ferdinand has indicated, that it is practically impossible for the Ghana Education Service to give direct postings to graduate teachers from the Country’s Universities.

Ellis Ferdinand who joined the debate for graduate teachers to be given direct postings by the Ghana Education Service, added, that the Ghana Education Service has been part of the training of teachers at the Colleges of Education.

According to Ferdinand, the GES as an employer of teachers to the Public Pre-Tertiary Institutions has been contributive to the development of teachers at the Colleges of Education, a situation that allows them to post the graduates from the Colleges of Education to the various Public Basic and Senior High Schools in the Country.

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Ferdinand indicated, that at the Colleges of Education, students are being required to sign bond forms as well as fill District and Regional Sponsorship forms which make them legally bound to serve in such Regions and or Districts after completion of their courses.

He noted that up until this day when Teaching Profession becomes an attractive venture, that was not the case in the past, a situation that has compelled Subsequent Governments and Policymakers to give College Trainees automatic postings to keep them in the service.

“Some people also start the teaching and later move out of the classroom to chase greener pastures, a situation that brought about the bonds and legally bound contracts between the Ghana Education Service and the Trainees while in College.” He added.

“As part of the role of the GES in the training of the students at the College of Education, it has allowed the students to use its schools for their out segment for practical orientations on the job,” He said.

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He added, that unlike the Colleges of Education, the Universities are autonomous institutions that train students ( teachers ) for the job market and not under the directories of the Ghana Education Service.

The Ghana Education Service could only open recruitment opportunities for the graduates from the Universities to apply and be selected on merit.

Financial Constraints

Ferdinand added that the Ghana Education Service may not be able to give direct posting to all graduates from the universities who did education-related courses due to financial constraints.

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He indicated that the GES posts teachers based on a financial clearance from the government through the Ministry of Finance and in line with budget allocations for a particular year.

Ferdinand said no Government can be able to post all graduates into the classroom even though there is more vacant classroom that merits the high number of graduates annually.

He compared the ideology to other sectors where they open recruitment opportunities for graduates from the Universities to apply and be chosen on merit and the basis of a University Education.


Mandate of GES

Ferdinand added, that the GES is responsible for the implementation of approved national pre-tertiary educational policies and programs to ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age irrespective of tribe, gender, disability, religious and political affiliations are provided with inclusive and equitable quality formal education.

Ferdinand added that there are four main programmes under the GES and these are: pre-tertiary education management including Headquarters Divisions, Regional and District directorates, Basic Education, comprising Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High Schools, Secondary Education comprising Senior high School (SHS) and Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) as well as Special and Inclusive Education.

Future Prospects

Ferdinand also indicated that if for any reason, Graduates from the Universities wanted direct postings, then that can only happen when there is a constant Political Interference.

Explaining in details,. Ferdinand said some politicians use the challenges being faced by its citizens to campaign for votes of which when they come to power, they shall be forced to implement such policies even if it will have adverse effects on the economy.

This he said shall be one common way of getting all graduates through for direct postings even though he doubts the specific political party that could take such risk.

Again, he indicated that for the graduate teachers to get direct postings, it might probably mean that the Ghana Education Service will have a say in their training at the Universities, of which the autonomy of the Universities could be of a disadvantage unless both parties come to a conclusion.

He also said there should be a revision of the Teacher Education Policy, which will bring forth the posting of teachers from the Universities by the GES if and only if the Universities shall be willing to break their autonomy to collaborate directly with the GES.

Ferdinand added that should the above point be considered, then there will be the need for a revision of the University Bill to make way for the possibility of the GES ‘interfering’ in the Training of the teachers in the Universities.

Introduction of Degree Courses

Ferdinand challenged the perceptions that students from the Colleges who are now offering Bachelor Degree Courses just like their counterparts in the Universities should be allowed to apply for jobs.

He said the decision to upgrade Colleges of Education into Fully Fletched Universities was not a basis for such arguments.

Ferdinand cited the fact that the Colleges of Education were once called Post Secondary Educational Institutions until they were being upgraded into Diploma Awarding Institutions in 2004 and was later referred to as Colleges of Education from their previous name Teacher Training Colleges.



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