All You need to Know about Induction Programs for Newly Trained Teachers


What is INDUCTION? A newly trained teacher asked.

  1. Induction at the workplace or on the job is the process or processes a New Recruit goes through to be officially introduced to the tenets of the institution and their new roles.
  2. Beyond the initial days on the job, the induction programme continues for many months, so that the new employee can fully integrate into life in the company and settle into their role to become a valuable member of staff.

  3. As a newly trained teacher from college, National Teaching Council (NTC) considers your first year in service as INDUCTION PERIOD. Previously, the first year of full-time employment but now, National Service period. Workshops or cluster meetings may be organized including other activities deemed necessary to help the newly trained fit well into the profession.

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  1. Ghana education service (GES) who is your employer on the other hand also considers your first year of employment into the service as a PROBATION PERIOD. During this probationary period, your teaching skills and general performance is monitored.

  2. At the end of the one-year probation, officers (Circuit Supervisors) come around to inspect your work against a standard. If you meet the standard, you are then recommended to be confirmed and confirmation letter issued you by your District Director Of Education.

  3. During the introduction of the maiden National Service for newly trained teachers, we pushed that the first year be considered as probation period but unfortunately, we lost it because the three groups invited by the Minister and his entourage were not united enough in demands.

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