12 Easy steps to register for NSS Direct Loan


    Every year  graduates are posted to various sectors as NSS personnel. These service personnel are paid monthly allowances, Sometimes delay in the disbursement of monthly allowance by the national service scheme can be financially draining, hence the need for loans.

    However, support from direct savings and loans can save personnel throughout the long weekends from hunger, family problems and other stress. Direct Savings and Loans Ltd is an indigenous second tier banking institution, licensed by the Bank of Ghana.

    What is NSS Loan?


    NSS direct loan is a paperless, fast, easy, and convenient way by which National service personnel found within the subvented category can request for loans from Direct Savings and Loans Ltd.


    Interestingly, Applying for loans requires No processing fee, no penalty & no collateral from Service Persons. Personnel can Apply anywhere at any time and their convenience.


    12 Easy steps to register for NSS Direct Loan 1


    NSS Direct Loan Short Code

    3961# is the shortcode provided by the Direct Savings and Loans Ltd services for NSS and YEA Loan Application. The Shortcode guides a new registrant through the process of applying for a loan.


    Interest rate of NSS loan-*396*1#

    The interest rate for the NSS Direct Loan is 6.5% per month.


    The requirement of NSS loan-*396*1#

    • You have to be A newly posted National service Personnel
    • You have to be Registered and Validated National service Person
    • You have to be a National service personnel found within the Subvented Category. [Service Personnel found in the public sector]


    Steps to register and apply for NSS Loan

    In this article, you will be  guided through how to apply for the loan from Direct Savings and loan and get it on your Ezwich card fully loaded in 24 Hours.


    Time needed: 1 day, 2 hours and 3 minutes.

    1. Dial *396*1# to apply now

      Personnel are to Dial *396*1# to apply for loan from Direct Savings and Loans Ltd12 Easy steps to register for NSS Direct Loan 2

    2. A popup message appears, select NSS

      Personnel are to select NSS from the popup menu by Pressing 1 on their Phone Keyboard.

    3. Enter NSS Number

      Personnel is required at this stage to enter their NSS number to continue (Example NSSGST1235346. Entering the NSS Number displays your NSS information such as Full name, Date of Birth, NSS Number, and Ezwich Number.

    4. A pop up appears with your NSS information

      Click on 1 to Accept to get your loan. Personnel are to note loan amount reduces every month.

    5. Receive PIN vis SMS

      After accepting to receive loan, a Pin will be sent to you via SMS, then you redial the Shortcode *396*1# to continue

    6. Verification of Sent PIN

      After redialing the shortcode *396*1#, you will be requested to enter the four digits pin sent you via SMS for verification

    7. Setup your personal PIN

      After you have successfully entered, the pin, you will be prompted to setup your own pin.

    8. Dial *396*1# Again

      After performing all the procedures outlined above, Dial *396*1# Again and follow the steps below to request an NSS loan using the Direct Savings and Loans Ltd

    9. Choose request loan

      Choose option 1 on your phone keyboard to request for loan from Direct Savings and Loans Ltd

    10. Specify loan Purpose

      At this stage, A personnel has to specify the purpose for loan request. Example: Education, Funeral, Medication, Personal.

    11. Enter loan Amount

      After Specifying loan Purpose, a pop message appears with a specified amount of money you are qualified to be given as loan. you can enter an amount that is between the specified amount.

    12. Confirm your repayment plan

      Select your Loan repayment (Number of months to payback)

    12 Easy steps to register for NSS Direct Loan 3

    NB: Incase, you exit the process unknowingly, you can continue from where you left by entering 3961#.

    Aside from applying through the code 3961#, Personnel can also apply by Calling  0302743300/WhatsApp 0577619776. the Direct Service Loan is one of a kind

    After service personnel has been paid the loan into his or her Ezwich card,  he /she can check out our article here on how to load and withdraw from their Ezwich card at the bank.


    National Service personnel who needs home appliances can order one on hire from the NSS Marketplace. The January 2021 Allowance for National service Personnel has been paid, Find out here on how to withdraw your allowance.


    How to Repay your NSS Loan

    The loan amount would automatically be deducted from one’s Ezwich by the National service scheme on a monthly basis plus interest.

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