Teacher Trainees Congress Impeached National President Augustine Appiah

Congress Impeached TTAG President Augustine Appiah trainee
Impeached TTAG President Augustine Appiah

The 25th National Delegates Congress of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has Impeached the National President of the Association Augustine Appiah.

The National President was impeached on the 19th of November,2020 during a National Delegates Congress that was described by Delegates and critics as the worst in the Association’s 25 years of existence.

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Purpose of Impeachment

The National President was impeached by the National Delegates Congress on the basis that his actions as president was contrary to the spirit and letter of
constitution of the Association.

According to Congress, the National President took decisions on several occasions without consulting the National Executive Council (NEC) and the National Secretariat of the Association.

A statement issued by the NEC on November 19,2020 indicated that the president wrote letters to stakeholders without consulting the NEC or National Secretariat.

Augustine Appiah was also alleged to have forged the signature of the General Secretary as well as the letter head of the Association to write a letter to the police without the consent of the National Secretariat.

The content of that letter is sought to prevent congress from happening as against the decision of National  Executive Council (NEC).

The president is said to have misled some invited guests for the 25th Annual Delegates Congresswhich was scheduled for 18th – 21st, November, 2020 at St. Ambrose College of Education that the program has been postponed without the
knowledge of National Executive Council (NEC).

He was also described to  have  demonstrated lackadaisical attitude towards Congress and the conduct of an election in an attempt to overstay in power which is in clear violationo ofthe association’s constitution.

Mr Augustine Appiah is said to have shown utmost disrespect to members of the National Executive Council (NEC) and indeed all teacher trainees’ nationwide.

His actions left teacher trainees’ (delegates) who were attending the 25th Annual Delegates Congress stranded in the Bono region for about 48 hours.

“Due to his actions and in actions, the working relationship between TTAG and our stakeholders has been marred.”

C” the association has been subjected to public ridicule.” The Association said.

The National Executive Council (NEC) clothed with the powers to remove an officer of the association from office in chapter six article 28 clause 3 which states; “3. Notwithstanding the provisions in 1 and 2 supra. Where the General Assembly or NEC determines that an
officer has acted in contravention to the constitution or has become a serious liability to the association the General Assembly or NEC shall
have power to suspend or remove such an officer from office by 2/3 majority of members present and voting.”

This decision was affirmed by the highest decision making body of the association (Congress) with 209 delegates voting for the removal of the president and one (1) delegate voting against his removal.

As a result, the current vice president master Albert Dunoo steps in as the
acting president of the association until congress is held for a  substantive president to be elected.

The National Executive Council (NEC) having satisfied all the  constitutionalr wish to therefore inform all teacher
trainees, stakeholders and the general public that master Augustine
Appiah cease henceforth to be the president of the Association

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Constitution Provision




  1. Congress or GA by may remove from office on stated reasons any officer(s) by a two-third majority of the  quorum of registered delegates(as referred to in Act 8 &9) present and voting.
  2. For the purpose of section 1 supra stated reasons shall
    a. Acting contrary to the spirit and letter of
    b. Acting in a manner as would bring discredit to the TTAG or brings its name into disrepute, ridicule or contempt.
    c. Acting in anyway contrary to the interest of TTAG as shall be determined by congress.

d .Acting in violation of the oath of offices as set   outin schedule.

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions in 1 and 2 supra. Where the General Assembly or NEC determines that anofficer has acted in contravention to the constitution or
    has become a serious liability to the association the General Assembly or NEC shall have power to suspend or remove such an officer from office by 2/3 majority
    of members present and voting.

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  1. In the event of removal from office, resignation or death of a national executive officer, the General Assembly shall have power to fill any vacancies occurring in the national secretariat after congress.
  2. An extra- ordinary General Assembly or mini congress may be called to elect officers in order to fill the   vacanciesso created.

  3. Any officer who wishes to resign shall make his/her intentions known in writing to the NEC stating in clear terms the reasons for his/her resignation.

  4. The letter must reach the secretariat at least 31 days before the date of resignation.

  5. NEC shall duly clear the officer in question.



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