Guidelines on how to establish a School in Ghana

    guide inspection gh What you need to know about NaSIA and its mandate in Ghana
    NaSIA regulates the establishment of new schools and the quality of infrastructure and facilities in Pre-Tertiary Educational Institutions (PTEIs).
    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which direct the development agenda for all countries, require the latter to build and upgrade educational facilities that are child, disability and gender-sensitive and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive, and effective learning environments for all.
    School Proprietors seeking to establish a new school in Ghana are required to seek authorization from NaSIA.
    Additional guidelines and processes for establishing a new school can be found in NaSIA’s Guidelines for the School Establishment and Inspection Policy

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    The flowchart outlines guidelines for the establishment of a new school.

    1. Application for Authorization:
    The Proprietor completes and submits the Registration Request form and supporting documents at a fee.
    2. Authorisation to Operate
    Step 1: Proprietor completes and submits Notice of Intent to Operate (NoI) Form and supporting documents for a Fee.
    Step 2: NaSIA reviews submitted NoI Form and Supporting Documents.
    Step 3: NaSIA conducts Compliance Inspection
    What Happens if NaSIA is not Satisfied with NoI? 
    1. NaSIA issues letter with Recommendation
    2. Proprietor takes action to work on the Recommendation
    What Happens if NaSIA is  Satisfied with NoI? 
    NaSIA issues Provisional License for School to Operate

    Other Questions about School Establishment


    Question: If I have a Pre-school (Creche and Nursery) and want to establish a KG or move to the mainstream Basic school, where will I begin with the Licensing process?


    Answer: Schools that fall into this category will be required to start the School Establishment process as a new school.

    Question: Does NaSIA’s Approval Letter authorize me to operate my school after building the school structure?

    Answer: No, NaSIA’s approval letter only authorizes schools to build their school structure. The School Proprietor after the building has to go through NaSIA’s Licensing process to receive a Provisional License to operate the school.

    For More Information Download the Guidelines for the Establishment and Inspection of Pre-Tertiary Schools in Ghana  HERE


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    Teacher Trainees to demonstrate over Allowance Arrears, Feeding Fees 3


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