15 Best Biology Schools in the World

Studying biology is one of the best career choices one could make in life. You are faced with the choice of understanding the science behind every living thing created in the world; this is because biology is the study of living things.

There are so many different fields of study in biology which includes but not limited to, microbiology, biochemistry and evolutionary biology. With this, you need to understand the best universities in the world that offer biology to be armed with the best knowledge.

Therefore, we have compiled the best universities you can make your choice from, as well as other information that will properly guide you in your career decision

Why Study Biology?

Biology is a very interesting course and studying it is one of the best decisions anyone who is a science enthusiast could make. You are faced with numerous career choices to make the best out of. Aside from career, your knowledge on certain terms like the cell theory, genetics, evolution, and energy is broadened and this makes you a professional in your niche.

Your research, communication, delegation and management skills are developed in the process of studying biology.

Most of the universities offering biology present two options to their candidates: to either study it as a lone programme or as a joint programme with other science or social science courses. Biology students who want to upgrade to medicine, pharmacy, medical laboratory science or biotechnology, have a very good and fertile ground for that.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree, it might be a great idea to pursue a master’s degree certificate. This is to enable you to hone a specific career in the field of biology.

Careers Available to Biology Graduates

There are unlimited career options available to students with degrees in biology. After graduation, the following are career options that await those who wish to practice in their field of study:

  • Biochemists: equipped with the knowledge of anatomy, biochemists have the opportunity to understand the effects of drugs to the human body, as well as develop biotechnical solutions to the problems of the human body. With the research skills acquired during the course of study, biochemists can design and implement studies that would aid the development of new products.
  • Biology Technicians: Bio-technicians, as they are called, can work in the laboratories and research institutes to aid laboratory and research-related issues and studies. They also conduct research and studies in their different fields.
  • Sales Representatives of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment: these professionals sell and supply medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to individuals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other bodies that need them. To further help their career, sales representatives should have a deeper knowledge of anatomy, chemistry and physiology.
  • Genetic Counsellors: genetic counsellors evaluate the genetic makeups of individuals, ensuring that they are updated about the possible diseases or disorder in their genes. They must be able to also communicate the situation in the language their clients must understand. To be able to achieve this, they should have advanced knowledge of the scientific method used to assess the chances of various outcomes of human genetics.
  • Health Communication Specialist: The specialist is responsible for giving the public qualitative education about issues bothering on health, especially, the issues of public health (for instance, healthy living and lifestyles, management of health and communicable diseases). Health Communication Specialists are often seen in hospitals or clinics, both for the public and private hospitals. In addition, they coordinate any campaigns that promote public health, marketing strategies and encourage the community to get involved in any health-related campaign or sensitisation. As a result, strong interpersonal, communication and writing skills are required of such an individual.
  • Medical and Health Service Manager: The specialists are required to communicate and interpret scientific regulations that are related to medical services. They, in addition, hire, evaluate and supervise health researchers and professionals for employment and other related activities.
  • Health Educators: Health Educators teach and promote wellness and healthy behaviours of individuals. They interpret research and give information about public health concerns and also evaluate and design-related programmes to suit the needs of individuals. To achieve this, understanding of the human body is a strong skill required of the educators. In addition, they need strong interpersonal and communication skills to be able to convey the information properly.
  • Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner: This profession is in high demand because of the nature and demand of the job. They must have a solid understanding of human anatomy, biological make-up, and physiology in order to be able to diagnose related medical problems. They must have a penchant for learning and remembering scientific terminologies for the sake of professionalism.
  • Financial Analysts: A financial analyst helps clients in the assessment of investment plans like mutual funds, bonds, insurance, and so on. They work as analysts in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and other related fields. They use a computer to evaluate data in order to arrive at a conclusion, and so must have strong mathematical, writing and computer-related skills.
  • Attorney: Patent and intellectual property lawyers must have a strong understanding of biotechnology products, medical equipment, drugs and so on, so as to be able to defend their clients against any legal action. Biology majors could go to law schools in order to be able to combine both law and biology to obtain the scientific knowledge needed for the analysis of medical interventions and ethical or professional issues.

 Salary Outlook for Biology Professionals

The following estimations are based on the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) estimates of 2018.

  • Biological Technician: the salary range is between $29 330 and $71 440 per annum.
  • Biochemists: the salary range is between $49 230 and $177 680 per annum.
  • Genetic Counsellor: the salary range is between $52 750 and 107 450 per annum.
  • Health Communication Specialists: the salary range is between $52 500 and $63 335 per annum.
  • Health Educator: the salary range is between $26 070 and $65 890 per annum.
  • Sales Representatives of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products: the salary range is between $39 960 and $156 630 per annum.
  • Physician Assistant: the salary range is between $69 120 and $151 850 per annum.
  • Nurse Practitioners: the salary range is between $80 670 and $107 030 per annum.
  • Medical and Health Service Managers: the salary range is between $58 680 and $182 600 per annum.
  • Financial Analysts: the salary range is between $52 540 and $162 420 per annum.
  • Attorney: the salary range is between $58 220 and 208 000 per annum.


Best Biology Schools in the World


  • Tuft University: Located at 4 Colby Street, Medford, Massachusetts, Tuft University offers postgraduate degrees in Biology for advanced study. The average SAT score for entry is 1445. The acceptance rate is 15% and that of graduation is 86.7% which is advantageous to applicants.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Located at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, the university offers graduate degrees in biology. The average SAT score for applicants is around 1524 and the school fees are relatively cheap. The acceptance rate is 7% and the graduation rate is 95%.
  • The University of California: Located at 110 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, California, USA offers graduate degrees in biology. The average SAT score for entry is 1310. The acceptance rate is 7% and the graduation rate is 95%.
  • Rutgers University: Located at New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America, Rutgers University, offers different degree programmes to both national and international students. The average SAT score is 1230 and the school fee is around $25 627 per year. The acceptance rate is 57% and the graduation rate is 81%.
  • Duke University: Located at 2138 Campus Drive, Durham, Duke University offers graduate degree programmes. The acceptance rate is 10% and the graduation rate is 95%. It offers a conducive environment for students for connections, experience and explorations.
  • Stanford University: Located at 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, Stanford University offers a degree programme in general biology. The acceptance rate is 5% and the graduation rate is 94%.
  • Texas A&M University College: Located at 400 Bizzell Street, College Station, United States of America, the university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in general biology. The average school fee is pricey, even though the students have experienced no difficulty in paying their student loans. The acceptance rate is 67% and the graduate rate is 79%.
  • Emory University: Located at 201 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, USA, Emory University is a private university and one of the best schools in the United States of America. The student loan is 1.4% lower than the average student loans in the USA. The acceptance rate is 25% and the graduation rate is 91%.
  • University of Oxford: Located at Oxford, United Kingdom, the University of Oxford does not guarantee accommodation for the students, except in the first academic year. The cost of learning is a bit higher for international and Non-EU students. The acceptance rate is 18% and the graduation rate is 64%. Others include:


  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Wake Forest University, United States.
  • Harvard University, Cambridge.
  • University of Notre Dame, Indiana.
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bristol
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Glasgow
  • The University of New York.


Best Universities in USA for Biology

  • Arizona State University
  • Pace University
  • Wake Forest University
  • Emory University
  • Texas A&M University College
  • Rutgers University
  • The University of California


Best Online Biology Schools

  • Harvard University
  • University of Florida
  • Texas A&M University
  • Arizona State University
  • Westfield State University


Best Undergraduate Biology Schools

  • Massachusetts University of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Oxford University
  • University of Cambridge


In conclusion, biology is a course with limitless opportunities locally and internationally for those who desire to choose it as a career path. It also provides the opportunity to diversify into other science and medical related sectors.


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