We’re angry over Senyo Hosi’s attack – UTAG Legon

Members of the University of Ghana branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) say they are angry over the comments of the  the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution Senyo Hosi against the university and its management.

The lecturers say they believe Mr. Hosi should have known better than to make such insulting remarks about the university.

“We are angry because we think he should know better. We trained him to be what he is today so he should not say stuff like that about us. We believe he has regretted his comment but if not, we leave him to his conscience,” President of the group Harry Agbanu told Starr News Wednesday.

Hosi in a tirade at a forum to mark the 70th anniversary of the school berated the University for producing substandard graduates who pay teaching assistants do their research works for them.

“I have three degrees; all from the University of Ghana. I won’t hire anybody [from UG], it’s simple. And it’s a matter of substance: what do you churn out? You are churning out people with degrees, not people with an education, not people with skills on how to live; that is the problem.

“And respectfully, the old men running this school, they are too many, get them out. I beg you; you guys are not doing anything that is relevant for the future and you won’t get people wanting to employ the people out of this place.

“Your MBA students, plenty of them I won’t hire, your classmates, I won’t hire. I was also in that school. How many TA [Teaching Assistants] haven’t written people’s thesis?”.

The comment has also been condemned by former GIMPA boss Professor Stephen Adei.

Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Wednesday, the former GIMPA boss said although he agrees with some of the comments of the businessman, he could have been more refined in his presentation.

“This is a hyperbolic way of thinking. I don’t think I can align myself with what he is saying. The point about the old men is absolute nonsense. World universities all over have professors who are old and have no retirement age. And that is the right to do.

“I have always said we should distinguish the business administration of the university from the academic administration,” he said.

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