WASSCE Controversies: WAEC Must Apologise to Teachers and Invigilators for ‘Insulting’ them – Educationist

The West Africxan Examinations Council (WAEC) has been urged to apologize to teachers and invigilators for supposedly ‘insulting’ their conscience.

This statement comes  from  a renowed Educationist ,Daniel Fenyi, aftter WAEC debunked rumours of question leakages in the ongoing WASCE.

Daniel Fenyi described the ongoing WASSCE as a ‘homework’ of an Examination which has received a fair deal of controversies viś-a-viś leakage of questions and other exam malpractices.

Many, championed by Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, are of the view that the entire 2019 WASSCE has no credibility and must be cancelled.

Daniel Fenyi said that the teacher has been made the victim of these criminal acts.

”The teacher has been painted the blacksheep and the centre of dereliction wading our ‘little’ dignity in the drenches.”He said.

Daniel Fenyi quoted some comments from a press statement from WAEC debunking the purpotred rumours;

”In the statement, WAEC says
1. there are ‘planned’ cheating in exam halls due to poor invigilation
2. Pre-arranged cheating where school authorities create hideouts for teachers to solve questions and send answers to students in the exam hall
3. Teachers allow candidates to smuggle phones in the exam hall
4. Invigilators send questions to website operators who solve the questions and post on their website or whatsapp groups.” He quoted.


”Honestly, as a critical observer of the ongoing WASSCE, the above allegations might hold some elements of truth.’ He admitted.

He however, isaid that n principle, NO teacher or Invigilator is supposed to get access to the question papers before 30 minutes to the time.

He therefore questioned how  all the above allegations happen within 30minutes?

”Many teachers can confirm that themselves and the students get the questions sometimes a day or two before the exam.”He lamented.

”So what is WAEC saying? If you are not ready to take responsiblity for the ongoing ‘homework’ called WASSCE, at least, don’t insult the teacher. They’ve had enough from Prof. Stephen Adei already!” He emphasized.

Educationist Daniel Fenyi treathened to  petition all tertiary institutions to conduct entrance exams for their applicants with 2019 WASSCE certificates.

”Sanity, if resisted, must be forced down the system!” He  concluded.


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