(VIDEO): Comprehensive Sexuality Education Surfaced in New Curriculum

The Introduction of Comprehensive Sexuality Education,(CSE) in Ghana Education Curriculum at the Basic level has become an issue of national interest with the Minister of Education,Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh denying its existence in the curriculum.

Per the guidelines for CSE, pupils in all public schools including 4-year-olds will be given Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) while some officials say the subject content will be age-appropriate so toddlers will be empowered with values that will protect them from sexual harassment.

At the recent press conference held on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, the minister, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, denied that the new curriculum includes the CSE.

According to him, the new curriculum approved for KG to Primary 6 does not include CSE.

“As of this morning, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has not approved any material on CSE as it is not included in the published curriculum and curriculum framework. One hundred and fifty-two thousand (152,000) teachers have been trained for the new curriculum which started in September and no teacher was trained on CSE,” Mr Opoku Prempeh said.

Contemporary Issues addressed through the NPCF

Meanwhile,the National Pre-Tertiary Curriculum Framework (NPCF) introduced the Comprehensive Sexuality Education as one of the Contemporary issues addressed through the NPCF of the New Curriculum.

This was outlined under the Overview of the New Curriculum on the Teacher Resource Pack.

List of Topics for Reading

”The following list of topics has been selected to be used in developing materials for reading from Basic 4 to Basic 6.”
”The teacher is encouraged to look for materials that may be relevant to these topics or select passages from other sources that will be of interest to learners at each class level.”
”Materials for reading must also include the basic types of prose: narrative, creative, persuasive, descriptive, informative/academic writing, literary writing, letter writing and argumentative as well as bits of drama and verse.”

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BASIC 4 – BASIC 5 1. Drug Abuse 2. Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, floods, tremors, hurricanes, etc. 3. Road Accidents – Causes and prevention 4. Water – Sources, importance and uses 5. Leisure

6. Historical events – Independence day, February shootings, Formation of UGCC and struggle for independence, etc

7. Communication – Letters, telephones, E-mail, print and electronic media 8. Social moral & cultural values such as honesty diligence, patriotism, commitment respect for elders, care for public property 9. Comprehensive Sexuality education

BASIC 6 1. Comprehensive Sexuality Education 2. Teenage Pregnancy 3. Marriage 4. HIV/AIDS 5. Energy – Sources, importance and conservation

6. Inventions 7. Computers 8. Forest Depletion 9. Social moral & cultural values such as honesty diligence, patriotism, commitment respect for elders, care for public property. 10. Entrepreneurship

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