UG: Accra City Campus SRC unhappy about School Management’s unwillingness to address students’ concerns

Students Representative Council of the University of Ghana at the Accra City Campus (UG-SRC ACC), Solomon Ocansey, is unhappy that school management has not taken any steps to improve what they describe as worsening conditions in the school.

Earlier this month, the SRC, led by Solomon Ocansey, organized a students’ forum where they expressed dissatisfaction at the level of attention it gets from its school authority.

He says that it is worrying that although they are billed high for academic fees, the teaching and learning conditions on their campus is unbearable, thus affecting their academic activities.

Solomon Ocansey further stated that the SRC was collecting signatures from students to present a petition to management.

He appealed to students to be concerned about the matter and append their signatures so their petition will be forwarded to management for the necessary action to be taken.

After the open forum on October 9, we had a Management Committee meeting at the City Campus, where I was supposed to deliver everything that transpired during the open forum to management at that level. Frankly speaking, it was so bad that management itself at that level were complaining over the same issues… We need three thousand student signatures from City Campus. As it stands now, we have more than seven thousand (7000) students as city campus students, so as such we need student support to actually prove to management that students are not happy about this particular issue.”


Solomon Ocansey further added that lecturer-student relationship in the campus was not the best and thus, wants the Academic Quality Assurance Unit to restructure the student course evaluation form to enable students give a proper assessment of quality education.

“We have been evaluating and looking at the structures for the evaluation, we think there is a problem with that because it has to do with lecturer’s relationship with students. Some lectures are very rude at City Campus. I think the quality assurance evaluation that we normally give at the end of the semester should cover facilities that we enjoy at City Campus. Management should actually consider that.

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