TTAG President wept as Former Boss disobeys his orders over alleged Embezzlement of Funds

The President of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG),Mr. Anthony Dadzie shed tears when his predecessor, Jonathan Apam disobeyed his orders in relation to an alleged embezzlement of funds during the latter’s tenure of office.

Jonathan Apam’s administration was accused by some delegates and observers at the 24th Annual General Assembly of the Association of owing some key partners he contracted during  his tenure huge sums of monies which were supposedly unaccounted for.

The 24th Annual General Assembly was held at the Fosu College of Education, from the 24th to 29th of April, 2019.

According to the allegations, Jonathan Apam’s administration owed House of Mickey  some GHC 4600

His administration was also accused of owing one Cook, who served delegates of the 23rd annual delegates’ congress with food, some GHC7800

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Anthony Dadzie’s Earlier Response

The allegations caused the National President, Anthony Dadzie to initially plead with the delegates to discuss the matter behind closed doors.

This decision was not accepted by the delegates, who demanded that  the former president ,financial secretary and treasurer ,who were the  direct managers of the association’s funds ,to compulsorily respond to the allegations outright since they were present at the General Assembly.

The President who was left with no option, called on his former boss, Jonathan Apam, who he once served under as a Vice President to respond to the allegations as demanded by General Assembly.

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Jonathan Apam’s Response

The former President of the Association, Jonathan Apam, whose response was described by many as unfortunate, confirmed the allegations, saying the Association truly owed the said accusers.

Meanwhile, he was quick to add that ‘’even the United States of America owes’’, a statement many took as very offensive.

The Delegates who were furious ,asked the former President how come his Financial Report could not capture such debts when he was about to hand over his documents to the next administration.

He was also asked why his debts did not reflect in the accounts of the Association.

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Jonathan Apam, who could not supposedly concede instant ‘’defeat’’, asked to know the sources of their figures.

A situation that made the President, Anthony Dadzie to call his former boss to come over to the high table for copies of the financial accounts of he Apam’s administration he  handed over to the new administration.

Anthony, who was also shocked by the revelations asked his former boss to give further clarifications since he once served under him as vice president but had little or no idea about the allegations.

Jonathan Apam’s unfortunate behavior towards the National President, Including his decision not to go for the documents from him was seen by the delegates and observers as total gross disrespect and insubordination  towards the National President.

A situation that made the National President, Anthony Dadzie to make an emotional  statement, reminding his former boss of his loyalty and respect to his leadership during he Apam’s  tenure as President.

Anthony Dadzie, who could not control himself went down in tears to show his level of displeasure towards Jonathan Apam’s behavior.

Jonathan Apam’s Apology

As a sign of showing remorse, Jonathan Apam apologized to the General Assembly,Ex-Officials present and the National President for his unfortunate conduct prior to the closing ceremony.

The national President promised the General Assembly, the matters shall be investigated by the appropriate body and findings be communicated  accordingly.


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