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TTAG calls on GTEC and PRINCOF to help resolve CETAG, CENTSAG Strike Impasse

Ferdinand|EducationGhana|November 17| TTAG calls on GTEC and PRINCOF to help resolve CETAG, CENTSAG Strike Impasse


The leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) has made notices with grave concerns, the Industrial Action to be undertaken by the Colleges of Education Teachers Association (CETAG) and Colleges of Education Non-Teaching Staff Association of Ghana (CENTSAG) effective today. November 14, 2022. As always, trainees are saddled with the dire impact and the challenges as a result of the same.

The leadership after careful consideration of the twofold nature of the matter would want to, by this statement, make a professional opinion to its stakeholders and Government on its displeasure on the halt of academic work and other services including the preparation of meals for trainees due to the strike.

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It is a sad development to note that this brouhaha is taking pace and is becoming a perpetual canker for years now. As student teachers, we believe the ripple effect of the industrial action has dire consequences on us now and the future of our country.

The teacher training fraternity has suffered numerous setbacks as a result of this menace: Strike actions by its service providers.

With these current happenings, we cannot realistically perish the thought of trainees’ susceptibility to some displeasing past on the basis that:

i. Continuing Students have advanced with the semester’s academic work and are on the verge of sitting for their exams.

1. The shift/track system has come to bare as a result of the infrastructural deficit in colleges. causing some year groups to stay home while others are engaged for a period of time, will yield no positive results: A prima facie evidence could be cited in the case of the level 300s in some past months.

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iii. The health of the students cannot be gainsaid in this conversation in terms of the quality of food trainees will be feeding on and in the worst-case scenario where Colleges are situated in the outskirt of towns/cities, issues of insecurity pitches in.

In the spirit of true service to the ordinary trainee, and the joint quest for quality and progressive teacher education in our country, we wish to state that; 1. The actors for and on behalf of the government should, as a matter of urgency, attend to the calls of CETAG and CENTSAG.

2. We take due cognizance of the concerns of CETAG and CENTSAG but to aid in solving the same, we ask that the leadership of the two striking bodies puts the interest and welfare of the student teachers at the centre of every discussion.

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3. We understand Fair Wages and Salaries Commission has a pivotal role in finding resolutions and bringing sanity to this issue hence we humbly appeal that measures are expedited with effect.

4. We equally call on GTEC and PRINCOF to pitch in to help resolve this impasse.

To this end, we want to admonish all our fellow trainees to remain resolute and continue to stay safe as the leadership works all means within its capacity to help safeguard the interest of its membership.



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