The world of academia must solve contemporary issues – UG Vice Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu has spelt out his vision to see the actions of universities transcend the world of theories into applying the various practical concepts to deal with contemporary issues.

He made these pronouncements during the exhibition held at the Balme Library to showcase academic publications of Prof. Felix Ankomah Asante as a prelude to his upcoming inaugural lecture on Thursday, March 28, 2019.

The lecture which will be on the topic; the Linkage between Agriculture, Nutrition and Health: Issues for Research and Policy, will draw on a body of research studies conducted by Prof. Felix Ankomah Asante (Director, ISSER) to provide a conceptual framework to understand the linkage between agriculture, nutrition and health. It is expected to examine the challenges to the linkage and comes out with issues for further research and policy-making.

Speaking at the exhibition, the Vice-Chancellor lauded the academic achievements of Prof. Asante highlighting that his works touch on pertinent issues in the society which demand attention and redress. He further disclosed that he is anticipating a change in the operations of university activities to reflect the works of the Professor which look into and provide solutions to everyday issues.

‘We met beyond whatever one expected to see because this is not a scholarship in the theoretical sense. Some of the issues that Prof. Asante has dealt with are issues to do with Agriculture and Health; Agriculture and Economics. He has looked at a range of diseases from malaria to HIV/AIDS. I am just impressed with how he’s been able to bridge the world of the academy with contemporary issues; issues that affect people every day’, Prof. Oduro Owusu stated.

And that’s what I think I want to see our universities become. Not just a place where people become professors and gain promotions but where the knowledge that we channel will be used’, the Vice Chancellor added.

Prof. Oduro Owusu further stated that he hopes to see more individuals follow the footsteps of the acclaimed Professor and publish works which would be adopted in the national and international arena as solutions to existing problems.

I’m happy that the things he’s done are things that the World Bank has used; I have seen something on climate change that I’m told the government uses. So, I think it’s been a very fulfilling time and I hope that we’ll begin to see more of such scholarships.  

By: Linda Kwarteng Mensah

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