Teachers call on GES to suspend SIC Policy,outlined 4 Teachers’ Problems that needed much attention

Teachers and other staff of the Ghana Education Service have called on the management of the Ghana Education Service to halt the re-introduction of the GES-SIC Policy Implementation.

The Teachers further suggested some five major problems facing their job security which they believed when tackled could help minimize their burdens as compared to the GES-SIC Policy.

In a letter by the Eastern Regional Leadership of the Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT) dated March 28,2019 to the Eastern Regional Minister on the GES-SIC Policy suspension,the leadership indicated that its members were not in interested in the policy.

The Union said it was  waiting for GES/SIC to roll out the proposal sensitization programme, only to receive a letter from the Director General of the GES for the “reintroduction” of the policy for those who did not exit from the policy although they never filled any form to join.

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”’We are not opposed the insurance package, however we wish to draw the attention of the management of GES and for that matter Government to the following concerns from the rank and file of our members.”

”That we have information from the rank and file of our member across the Region that there is NO evidence that the agreed sensitization has been carried out.”

”That according to Section 69 of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651) NO deductions can be made from an employees’ salaries without his or her consent”

”That since no information has been taken on members how would the beneficiary be known under policy, in case of death of a member. ”

” There should rather be an entry form rather than compelling people to fill an exit form for something they have not opted for” It stated.

The Union however suggested some five major issues of much concern to them than the GES-SIC Policy.

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”As important as this policy may be beneficial to the staff of GES, we believe that there are equally pressing needs of staff of GES that we would wish to draw our cherished employers attention to;

1. Over 9,619 newly recruited GES staff since November, 2018 have been paid their salaries. 2. Over 22,000 staff of GES who were promoted in 2018 are yet to be placed on the right salary scale (upgrade).

3. The most debilitating challenge is the delays in the payment of all kinds of legitimate entitlement such as transfer grants, T&T, salaries, vehicle maintenance have been in arrears, some dating back to 2016.

.4. Capitation Grant and other resources that are urgently needed to run our schools are either in arrears or not being provided by our employer.

In the face of the factors enumerated above .the Union  demand the following;

1. That immediate suspension of the reintroduction of the GES/SIC insurance policy until members are well sensitized for those who are interested to give their consent.

2. We cannot contain our teaming members who are overly agitated and angered by the said publication and can therefore not be blamed for any action.

Thee teachers indicated they  expect to hear from the Regional Minister   by the 5th of April, 2019.

”Finally we hope the GES management will heed to our call to hold on with the reintroduction of the policy for us to continue to enjoy the industry peace we are having.” The letter concluded.

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