Teacher Unions to negotiate Responsibility allowances for Basic School Class Teachers

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EducationGhana| September 19| Teacher Unions to negotiate for Responsibility allowances for Basic School Class Teachers

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has emphasised that it shall engage with sister Unions to exert the necessary pressure on GES to consider teachers in the Basic Schools, who perform responsibilities such as Class Teachers, House Master/Mistress, guidance and counselling coordinators, but do not receive any allowance to be given such.

The Union made this declaration on September 15, 2022, during its National Executive Council meeting held in the party’s headquarters at Adaabraka, Accra.

The Union also lamented, that the Payment of Responsibility allowance to teachers still remains a challenge. It is calling on the management of GES to resolve this without delay.

Car maintenance allowance

The Unions said it shall engage their employers to consider converting Car maintenance allowance to Transport allowance to be paid through CAGD to benefit all teachers since the current regime of payment of car maintenance allowance is not effective.

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Deprived Area Allowance Policy

The NAGRAT said the Committee working on the deprived area allowance policy has completed its work. Soon teachers who teach in deprived areas shall receive their deserved appreciation.


On the Laptops, the Unions said they are not in charge of procurement and distribution of the laptops.

”It is the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance who are mandated by law to do so. The Unions are monitoring the implementation process. It shall ensure everyone that is due gets the laptop.” The Union indicated.

Best Basic 7 (JHS 1) Termly and Weekly Scheme of Learning

”It is true that distribution has been delayed in the basic schools. It has been explained that a large number of basic schools in the country has contributed to the slow pace of the distribution.” The Union said.

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