Sex for Grade:Two UG Lecturers Charged for Misconduct; set to face Disciplinary Committee

Two lecturers of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, who were implicated in a BBC documentary titled ‘Sex for Grade’, have been charged for misconduct and  are to face the University’s Disciplinary Committee.

The two lecturers have been charged for misconduct  after a 5-member committee tasked to investigate claims that two lecturers of the University have been soliciting for sexual encounters in exchange for academic favours found prima facie evidence of breaches of the University’s Code of Conduct and Statutes.

The Committee, chaired by Justice Vida Akoto-Bamfo, a retired Supreme Court Judge, noted in its report to the Vice-Chancellor that the actions of Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Butakor were contrary to Paragraph 6.4 of the Code of Conduct for Academic Staff of the University of Ghana which stipulates that “Academic Staff shall at all times comport themselves in ways that will enhance their image and that of the University.”

The Committee further found prima facie evidence of misconduct contrary to Statute 42(1)( e )(ii) of the University of Ghana Statutes, which states that “…no member of the University shall engage in a course of vexatious conduct that is directed at one or more specific individuals, and that is known to be unwelcome…”.

The Vice-Chancellor has accepted the Committee’s findings and forwarded the report to the Disciplinary Committee for Senior Members, the appropriate adjudicatory body, for immediate action.

The University of Ghana reiterates its commitment to rooting out sexual harassment and misconduct and reminds its students and employees of the provisions in its Anti-Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy as well as those contained in the Statutes of the University of Ghana.

University of Ghana interdicts Professor Gyampo, Dr. Butakor

Political Science lecturer, Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor of the Department of Teacher Education of the School of Education and Leadership , were interdicted by the University management after an allegation that the two were soliciting for sexual encounters from students in exchange for academic favours.

The allegations were made in a BBC investigation that uncovered alleged sexual misconduct by lecturers in Nigeria and Ghana.

The said documentary was released in October this year.

Following the expose, the two were hauled before the University’s Anti Sexual Harassment Committee to assist with internal investigations.


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