Schools accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana for the 2021/22 Academic year

    School accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana for the 2021/22 Academic year

    EducationGhana, October 15, IB: The National Schools Inspectorate Authority(NaSIA) wishes to inform the general public that the shortlisted schools are duly accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula in Ghana for the 202/22 Academic year.

    The general public should note that schools that are not included in the list but claim to offer the IB curricula do not have the accreditation from their respective bodies to do so
    and are liable to be sanctioned.

    The shortlisted schools accredited to offer the IB curricula are to ensure that they
    are duly licensed by NaSIA in accordance with section 98 (2&3) of the Education Regulatory
    Bodies Act (ERBA) 2020, (Act 1023) requires all schools in Ghana to be licensed by NaSIA in order to operate.

    FOR  the 2021/22 academic year, only 5 schools were accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana.


    1. Rayan International School (ARIS) in the Greater Accra Region
    Rayan International School
    Rayan International School

    ARIS is one of the leading IB World Schools not just in Ghana but Africa as a whole, as it sets on a journey towards inclusion, collaboration, and innovation. The ARIS Educational Model is centred on our students’ personalised learning, performance and experiences giving an ode to student agency as they take ownership of their learning.

    ARIS is fully authorized with the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme, and the fourth and final IB Career-related Programme. The IBCP put us on the map as the first continuum school in Sub-Saharan Africa to offer all four IB Programmes.

    ARIS has inculcated the values of global citizenship and international-mindedness right from the early years to the point where we send our Golden Eagles out into the world. Our core values of collaboration and communication, believing in greatness in everyone and teamwork also shines through in our everyday efforts to inspire, empower and transform for a better, and more inclusive world.

    With the development and growth of our counselling and support department, ARIS is becoming highly inclusive in a fully integrated curriculum for students ranging across varying needs and abilities and prioritizes student wellbeing with the ARIS Wellbeing Model.

    We strongly encourage our students to learn foreign languages, exposing them to different cultures and different linguistic systems, enabling an informed awareness of diversities and similarities in the global community. We currently offer Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, and Local Languages.

    With over 50 nationalities, our students learn to recognize and grow from their cultural roots. We believe that intercultural understanding and interpersonal competencies are essential to modern life and that learning from others is an integral part of forming one’s identity.

    As an institution that highly encourages collaboration, we include parents of our community in the approaches to teaching and learning. Through applications and software such as ManageBac, Seesaw and School Stream, parents are given a constant update on the learning progress of their children and of all school activities.

    ARIS is fortunate to have a highly professional and dynamic team of facilitators, who are committed to continuous professional development. At ARIS, students are by all means at the centre of all growth and development as we move towards more creativity and more innovation in order to prepare 21st-century learners for the future full of possibilities that await.


    2.  Aves International Academy Greater Accra 

    Schools accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana for the 2021/22 Academic year | 1

    Our preschool campus in community 25 is located
    just a few steps away from our main campus.

    Admissions are for ages 1 – 5.
    From here, they move on to primary school..

    It is our goal to support independence and encourage personal responsibility. We achieve this by giving children opportunities to explore movement, dress up by themselves, choose what they want to do and under adult supervision, perform challenging tasks that will develop and stretch their imagination.

    When they are able to achieve this, there is an increase in their self-belief, self-confidence and self-esteem that they will need for life.


    Our foundation and preschool students are taught within the guidelines of the Montessori system, which is borne out of the inspiration:

    “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” The Academy further adopts the mandatory framework for preschool use as outlined by the UK’s Department for Education, known as The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


    The ages for Skylarks and Bluebirds are 2-3 years and 3-4 years respectively, with a maximum intake of 15 learners per class. The focus in these units is to develop their Literacy, Mathematics and Expressive Arts & Design skills. There’s an additional focus on expanding their understanding of the world around them through arts & crafts, drama, music, reading and games.


    The ages for Sparrows are 4-5 years, with a maximum intake of 15 learners per class. An enabling environment is created for our Sparrows to extend their existing skills and develop confidence through computer training, construction of sentences, knowledge of basic mathematics, and imaginative play. The broad curricula for these units are centred on the following guidelines:

    Communication, Language and Literacy

    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    Physical Development

    Creative Development

    Mathematical Development

    Knowledge and Understanding of the World


    3 SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College in the Greater Accra Region

    Schools accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana for the 2021/22 Academic year | 2

    The Mission of SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College is to provide a school of academic excellence for students from SOS Children’s Villages from all over Africa, together with students from the host country, Ghana, in a spirit of Pan-Africanism and an awareness of the social needs of society.

    The School’s philosophy embraces internationalism in its widest sense, a commitment to uplift Africa and active service to the community. Its educational mission is holistic in nature, aiming to develop all students into confident adults capable of facing the challenges of a fast-changing world, by inculcating in them critical and analytical abilities which will equip them to become compassionate thinkers who are aware of their common humanity, with a belief and pride in themselves as Africans. The College’s ultimate mission is to graduate life-long learners who are fully prepared for the best universities worldwide and who are also committed to putting their knowledge, skills and resources into developing their continent, Africa.


    4 Lincoln Community School  in the Greater Accra Region

    Schools accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana for the 2021/22 Academic year | 3

    As one of the leading international schools in Africa, LCS has been serving families in Accra, Ghana for over 50 years. Our rich history, depth of experience, and commitment to excellence in education have made us a top choice for families. We are a diverse international school community that provides an English-language-based pre-K through Grade 12 education, grounded in a mission and vision that is learning focused.

    Our mission is central to all that we do at LCS: learning, leading and connecting are our cornerstones. It is important to us that your child develops the skills and dispositions to be a successful learner, a confident leader and a connected member of the global world. We strive also to integrate the IB Learner Profile attributes and the values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and citizenship into all areas of the school.

    What brings the school’s mission, vision and values to life is the outstanding faculty and staff that LCS employs. Over half of our teaching staff are from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, while our local teachers are recruited from the very best private and public schools here in Ghana.

    As the Head of School, I am confident that your child will be surrounded by inspiring, passionate and caring adults whose mission is to ensure that the individual needs of all of their students as learners and young people are met.

    LCS is known for its family-friendliness and the value we place on relationships and community. In this spirit, we invite you to visit our school to learn more about the diverse ways in which LCS can serve your family.


    5 Cornerstone International Academy in the Greater Accra Region

    Schools accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate curricula in Ghana for the 2021/22 Academic year | 4

    C.I.A.’s elementary school has two campuses namely Antiwaa Campus and Edward Scott Campus. The elementary school has two semesters in a school year. The first semester starts in August and ends in December. The second semester is from January to June.

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    The middle school has one campus, namely Masua Campus. The middle school begins from sixth to tenth grade and has three terms in a school year. First Term is from September to December. The Second Term is from January to March and the third term is from April to June.

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