Primary School Teacher to face disciplinary committee for shaving students at school

Primary School Teacher to face disciplinary committee for shaving students at school

Reports reaching EducationGhana suggests that a teacher by the name of Kafui David of the Akyem Oda Primary School has been allegedly invited by the Ghana Education Service (GES) disciplinary committee to answer questions regarding his decision to shave students with bushy hairs.

According to reports,  Kafui the primary 6 teachers decided to help students with bushy hairs by shaving them during school hours.


The reports suggest that the teacher was arrested by the police and granted bail after which he was invited by the GES to face its disciplinary committee.

He is expected to explain to the panel the cause of his actions. If found guilty, he might not only be charged and fined but may be suspended for a while.

Further reports suggest that Kafui has been known for giving free classes to all students in the school on weekends on healthy living and dressing.

”As an advocate of healthy lifestyle living, Kafui takes it upon himself to advise and instruct students to comb their hairs, barber their bushy hairs before reporting to school and dressing well in addition.”

”It is with that habit the Akyem Oda Catholic Primary School has been seen throughout the town for been the school with neat and well-mannered students, but Kafui might have taken it for this time.” The report suggests.


The Shaving

”Kafui after their first lesson in classes this morning took upon himself as normal duties and went around with his shaving sticks, and scissors shaving students with bushy hair.”

”His objective was to bring uniqueness among the students by making them behave decently, but it leads him into trouble. Kafui with his scissors entered primary four class and started shaving students with bushy hair.” The report said.

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Parent’s Anger

”A primary four student Ohenewaa was among the students who fell prey to the scissors of Kafui and was given her share of the shave but Ohenewaa’s father was angered by that.”

”Mr Yamoah who makes sure his children are well kept didn’t see any reason why Kafui should have touched Ohenewaa’s hair with his scissors.”

”This angered the man when Ohenewaa reported home at two in the afternoon, after school closing. Mr Yamoah failed to exercise patience and with his boiling anger, he bashed into the Akyem Oda Police station where he made his statement.”

”Together with two policemen, Mr Yamoah arrested Kafui David this afternoon when he was about to take his lunch in his apartment.”

”Kafui, since been arrested in the afternoon, was given bail this evening, when the school headmaster together with Akyem Oda education officers pleaded with Mr Yamoah to take the case out of the police station, so they can settle it for him and apply the needed sanctions.”

”Mr Yamoah was given assurance that the education officers with the school authorities, will sit on the case and make sure every wrongdoing which is against the Ghana Education Service code of conduct for teachers is applied. Kafui has been given bail and will report back to the police station tomorrow morning.”



”Though Kafui has been given bail alright, he will be facing the Akyem Oda District Education Office Disciplinary Committee on Monday morning, to explain and justify why he used scissors and blade sticks to shave students while class was ongoing.”

”Mr Yamoah and his daughter Ohenewaa Yamoah will all be available at the hearing which will decide the fate of Kafui. If found guilty, compensation will be given to the student and an official apology will be given to Mr Yamoah. Kafui will also be suspended for at least three weeks if the committee finds him guilty of the crime.”

”The crime he will be facing is abusing the child in school by touching her hair, disgracing her to the school and distracting her from studies. The second count is leaving his duties as a teacher and doing the works of a barber. Teachers are supposed to teach and that is their mandatory duties not to barber students.”

”They are allowed to teach the students the way they should behave, grow and communicate not doing for the students. They teach children morals and academics, and Kafui could have thought his students that, having bushy hair brings your decency down. And by so doing, he could have recommended the students to go see a barber and have their hairs shaved not shaving it for them, but recommending it to them as a teacher.”

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