Payback? : American defrauds 3 Nigerians of $565,000 over green Card


Nigerians are known the world over for being the kings of internet fraud, also known as 419.

For Americans, when they talk about internet fraud in their movies, they always use a line about receiving an email from ‘a Nigerian prince’.

So usually when you hear of such cases, it’s about an African duping a white person out of their cash and other valuables.

However, there’s an exception to every rule and for 419, that exception is the story you’re about to hear, the story of a white man who duped some Nigerians out of more than half a million dollars in cash.

The American, Marco Ramirez, was arraigned last week before a court in Lagos after duping some Nigerians out of $565,000 (about N203.4m).

Ramirez, in 2013, had promised three Nigerians that he could help them get a U.S Green card and thus took monies from them.

So once again the desperation of the African to run away from our sh*thole countries has cost us dearly.

The victims, identified as Ambassador Godson Echejue, Abubakar Sodiq and Olukayode Sodimu, paid Ramirez $565,000 in total to help them get the green card but he failed to deliver on his promise.

He was originally arraigned before court in 2017 and granted bail in the sum of $25,000, but the case was transferred to a new judge midtrial.

On his court appearance last week, he pleaded not guilty once again and was granted bail, with the case adjourned till October.

Credit: Ghanacelebrities

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