NSMQ2019: PRESEC safocates OWASS, ADISCO to book first spot at the Finals

Five-time champions, Presec Legon have qualified to the grand finale of the 2019 National Science and Maths Quiz.

The Legon giants eliminated two-time champions Opoku Ware Schools and one-time winners, Adisadel College Monday morning.

The ‘blue boys’ displayed fantastic energy throughout the contest and put it beyond the reach of the others by Round Four of Five.

Although Presec couldn’t answer any of the four riddles in Round Five, the gap was too wide for the chasing pack to catch up.

The scores ended at Presec Legon, 48pts – Adisadel College, 34pts and Opoku Ware School, 31pts

Adisadel has now been stopped from appearing at the grand finale for the fifth time consecutive. They won one of the past four they appeared in.

Opoku Ware School have won the tournament twice. They would have to try again in 2020 to have a chance of making it three.

The National Science and Maths Quiz is at the semifinal stage. “Now, it’s just who wants it most.” There are three spots at the Grand Finale and in Monday morning’s contest; one of those is up for the taking.

On a normal day, it would be easy to predict the winner but this contest is far beyond prediction. Why?

Record five-time winners, Presec, Legon take on Adisadel College; one-time winners who have been in the semifinal the past four years. They won all. If they win today, it would their fifth consecutive win.

The third opponent is Opoku Ware School, two-time winners who are bent on winning a third title.

Who would prevail? Watch the contest live 

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