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NSMQ2019: Prempeh College qualifies for Quarterfinals with a disappointing Score

Four-time winners, Prempeh College have successfully defended their seeded spot in the ongoing National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

The Kumasi-based school qualified for the quarterfinals of the ongoing 2019 edition of the Primetime show after beating Labone SHS and Atebubu SHS Friday morning

However, supporters of the Amanfuo folk were left disappointed after the contestants failed to record the wide winning margins that have become unique to Prempeh College.

They finished the contest with the scoreboard reading: Prempeh 25pts Labone: 17pts Atebubu 17pts.

Last year at the same stage, the Prempeh contestants recorded over 80 points.

Also, surprising was Prempeh’s score in the Problem of the Day.
They scored zero of a possible 10 points, same as the challengers.


Prempeh College started the quiz on a bad note as their main questions kept going to Labone SHS. Labone SHS finally answered the last question correctly and ended the round. Prempeh attained first place with 11 points. Labone SHS got 10 points and 8 points went to Atebubu SHS.


After the first question went unanswered, Prempeh got unlucky with the second question. “That’s incorrect” quiz master, Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffmann told the Prempeh contestants. The college contestants managed to stay at the top with 15 points, despite the many incorrect answers they gave. Labone SHS and Atebubu SHS had 10 points and 7 points respectively.


A solution to the problem of the day is required from the contestants. Surprisingly, none of the contestants was able to get a solution to the given problem. They all then had zero points for the round. At this point, the score boards read their previous marks.


True – False questions are asked in this round. All schools seemed to be off their game during this round but they endeavoured to answer the riddles. Labone SHS and Atebubu SHS ended up with the same points, 14 points. Prempeh College held on to the first position with 17 points.


The last round, and all schools are trying to finish the quiz right. Dr. Elsie Kauffmann asks a riddle and the school to ring the bell first gets to answer the riddle. A tough round it was but Prempeh College ended and won the contest with 25 points. Atebubu and Labone once again had the same marks, 17 points and got dumped out of the competition.

Although some were not pleased with the winning points of Prempeh College, their supporters showed so much excitement as their school had qualified to the quarterfinals. They are hoping that the National Science and Maths Quiz trophy becomes theirs this year.

There is also much anticipation towards the next quiz which features, St. Thomas Aquinas, Achimota SHS and Presby SHS, Nkwatia.

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