NSMQ2019: Kumasi High SHS wins first contest amidst ‘Poor’ Performance

Kumasi High School (Kuhis) has progressed to the next stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz after a Tuesday afternoon victory.

Their supporters, made mostly of old students are, however, worried about their prospects in the 26-year-old Primetime show.

Kuhis carved a niche for themselves during the qualifiers as a force to reckon with. They scored 77 points, the highest tally.

Sympathizers expected the 55-year-old school to carry such weight into the finals but their first contest was less than spectacular.

After struggling to dominate the contest which also featured Navrongo SHS and Toase SHS, they finished with 40 points, 11 points higher than Navrongo SHS and 16 higher than Toase.

“Bad performance from Kuhis. I expected over 50 points score at this stage. They will be out of the competition at the next stage if they don’t up their game,” one supporter posted.

Another follower posted that “you don’t get happy when you win over feeble [schools], NSMQ will be exciting with Prempeh College around.”

The preliminary contests continue throughout this week.


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