NPP Government promoting “Exam-Centred” Educational System – Educationist

A Ghanaian Educationist,  Daniel Fenyi, has criticized the Ghana Education Service on its decision to spend some 3 billion cedis on “Past Questions” for Senior High School Students, while Basic Schools still lack Textbooks.

Mr. Fenyi further indicated that the New Patriotic Party ( NPP) Government is promoting “exam centred” educational system.

”In the 21st century when countries in the world are building well-advanced I.C.T Labs, modern Science labs, Vocational and Technical Workshops, new Agricultural technologies, etc, the Government of Ghana is buying “Past Questions” for students.”

”What kind of future leaders are we building and how can they meet the demands of the growing world with ‘past questions’.’ He asked.

“Past Questions” over textbooks

Comparing the impact of Past Questions and Textbooks on Learners, Mr Fenyi asked when  “Past Questions” took the place of textbooks.

”Past questions are supposed to be used as complementary materials to textbooks and classroom lessons. They are not to take the place of textbooks.”

”Why is the process overturned now? Government must not be seen to be endorsing the “chew-pour-forget” concept but unfortunately, that’s exactly what we are seeing.” He quizzed.

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Role of Teachers

The University of Education, Winneba Lecturer questioned the role of teachers in the ”Past Questions” Concept.

”What is the role of the teacher in this “Past Questions” concept? It is unfortunate that many education policies treat teachers as though they were irrelevant. ”

”Students alone cannot use and wholly understand the past questions without the support of a highly motivated teacher. What orientation have teachers been given? Are they to use the questions as part of classroom discussion? What motivation is given the Ghanaian teacher to do his work?” He asked.


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