Notice: Solutions to some challenges being faced by graduate teachers on the printing of their GES appointment letters


The major challenge of graduates is the receiving of feedback on Invalid Voucher Numbers or Codes.

For those  yet to buy the e-voucher number or code, take note of the following in order to save yourself from receiving the feedback ‘INVALID E-Voucher number.

Knowing this information will save you from buying the voucher twice or even more .

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select the button “But e-voucher for posting. “
  3. Click on the 3rd button “e-voucher for graduate appointment letter.”

Now this is where the error occurs which you must avoid:

After buying the e-voucher code, you will be asked to click on a blue button to go to posting centre right away.

CAUTION: Please don’t click on that button. Instead, take note of your code by screenshot or by checking up in the email and close the page.

Now after closing the page which displays the purchased e-voucher code;

  1. log on to the website again and go the button “Graduate Appointment letter “.
  2. Click on it and enter your NSS number and the e-voucher code and submit.

If after purchasing the code, you don’t close the page and head straight to click on the button, “Go to posting centre”, You will be asked to provide your index number instead of your NSS number. You are likely to receive this feedback “INVALID VOUCHER NUMBER” and be asked to buy a new voucher which will avoid if you will only follow the steps I have given above.

So please after purchasing the e-voucher code, close the page(which displays the purchased code) and start all over again by logging on to the website again and follow the steps I have given above.


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