New Curriculum ,”threat” to development; make Agriculture a Core Subject – Educationist

An Educationist, Daniel Fenyi has described the New Curriculum designed for Basic Schools, as a “threat” to National Development.

Daniel Fenyi called on the Ghana Education Service to consider Agricultural Science as a core subject.

“Agriculture is the main driving force behind Ghana’s economy, accounting for approximately 42% of the country’s GDP and employing 54% of its work force”, a report according to the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC).”

“Against this background, where Agriculture remains a major driver in Ghana’s economy and employs majority of Ghana’s work force, it is expected that the study of Agricultural Science will be given some prominence in our school curriculum.” He indicated.

He said, that however, in the new basic school curriculum, just as the current one, Agricultural Science has been  eliminated.

According to Counsellor and Educationist, Mr. Daniel Fenyi, this development is inappropriate and makes no sense.

To him, Education, in its proper sense, is supposed to be designed in line with the context and economic demands of a nation to ensure a ready-made industrial demand of graduates to reduce unemployment.

Hence, Mr. Daniel Fenyi has stated emphatically that the new basic school curriculum is a “threat” to Ghana’s development and must be withdrawn and restructured to make Agricultural Science a core subject in order to encourage more ‘enlightened’ youths to venture into Agric.

Mr. Daniel Fenyi expressed total disappointment in the thinkers of the new curriculum, who instead of considering relevant issues like Agric, wasted time to think about mere changing of school uniforms which bears no relevance to quality education.

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