New B.ed Program: Inconsistencies in Courses, Inadequate Infrastructure,our biggest Problems – Teacher Trainees

Teacher Trainees in the various Colleges of Education have lamented on the state of affairs regarding the New 4-Year Bachelor Degree Programmes .

The Trainees complained of inconsistencies in the various courses being offered in the Colleges.

The trainees made this  revelation on the 24th Annual General Assembly of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana,Eastern and Greater Accra Sector held at the Accra College of Education,on Tuesday,April 23,2019.

According to the trainees,most especially the B.ed Students, some of their courses were being changed during the semester.

These inconsistencies according to the trainees has affected their studies during the first semester.

Infrastructural Deficit

According to the trainees,the available infrastructure in some of the Colleges was inadequate for the number of students admitted.

They called on government to urgently work on the infrastructural problems being faced by majority of the Colleges.

Teaching and Learning Materials

The Trainees also lamented on the state of the materials available for teaching and learning.

They said that the materials that must aid teaching and learning of courses such as Mathematics and Science Education, as well as Technical and Vocational Education Courses were not readily available in some of the Colleges.

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Government’s Support

The Teacher Trainees called on government to come to the aid of Colleges facing infrastructural deficit in order to allow such Colleges meet the level of others.

2018/19 Year Group begins 4-year B.ed Programmes

As part of the new reforms for Colleges of Education,government begun the implementation of a 4-year Bachelor of Education Courses .

In view of that,the 2018/19 newly admitted students were made to begin the courses in Education.

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