Man aged 66 attends JHS above Pension age

There is a well-liked expression that the best property you’ll be able to leave for your kid is education.

For some individuals, they have not had the chance to be in class because of their financial standing. However, for many, they’re not despaired despite their financial difficulties.

Talking about education, junior high school is believed to be for adolescents between the ages of eleven and fifteen. however one man, despite his age, has defied all the odds to get an education which he left out on during his youthful days. Kwesi Baiden, a sixty six year old man is pupil of the Mozano District Assembly junior high school, Central Region.

Mr Baiden resolved to go back school and get educated even though he’s well beyond the common school going age. with his call to go back to school, Baiden has proven that nobody is too old to be educated

Moses Ahlidza explained his action by saying that he usually feels left outwhen his kids are engaged in a conversation. This, he added, usually happens when they go out fishing, and it often makes him feel uncomfortable.

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