List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023

List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023

List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023

  1. Ain Shams University
  2. Al-Azhar University
  3.  Helwan University
  4. Misr International University
  5.  Nahda University
  6. Sinai University
  7. Heliopolis University
  8. Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences
  9. Egyptian Chinese University


1. Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University is one of the oldest universities in Cairo, and it is one of the most distinguished universities in the Middle East. It was founded in 1950 and is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

the university provides education at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels

It offers a wide range of courses and majors, including engineering, medicine, and law. Ain Shams University is well known for its research and publications, and it is home to some of the most renowned scholars in the region.

The University was ranked 2nd in Egypt  and 17th in Africa

#2 in Egypt
#17 in Africa
Founded 1950

2. Al-Azhar University

The Al-Azhar University is a public university in Cairo, Egypt. Associated with Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Islamic Cairo, it is Egypt’s oldest degree-granting university and is renowned as the most prestigious university for Islamic learning.
#6 in Egypt
#33 in Africa
Acceptance Rate 75%
Founded 1961

3. Helwan University

Helwan University is a public university based in Helwan, Egypt, which is part of Greater Cairo on over 350 acres. It comprises 23 faculties and two higher institutes in addition to 50 research centers.
#9 in Egypt
#49 in Africa
Helwan University logo
Acceptance Rate 90%
Founded 1975

4.Misr International University

Misr International University is a private research university in Obour, Greater Cairo, Egypt.
#24 in Egypt
#165 in Africa
Misr International University logo
Acceptance Rate 21%
Founded 1996

5. Nahda University

Nahda University in Beni Suef is located in Upper Egypt. It was established in 2006. It is a private university run by the Thebes Education Group.
#34 in Egypt
#271 in Africa
Nahda University logo
Enrollment 10,000
Founded 2006

6. Sinai University

Sinai University is a private university in Sinai, Egypt. It was established in 2006. Its president is Professor Hatem Mostafa El-Bolok and the chairman of its board of trustees is the Egyptian businessman Hassan
The University is rated number 38 in Egypt and 325 in Africa for the 2023 ranings.
#38 in Egypt
#325 in Africa
Sinai University logo
Founded 2006

7.Heliopolis University

Heliopolis University is a non-profit university in Egypt with the mission of sustainable development. In Fall 2018, Heliopolis University had around 1,700 students in five faculties.
#43 in Egypt
#507 in Africa
Heliopolis University logo
Enrollment 1,077
Founded 2012

8. Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences

Since its inception in 1985, The Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences (AAMBFS) has been serving as “The Academy of All Arabs”.
#46 in Egypt
#635 in Africa
Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences logo
Founded 1988

9. Egyptian Chinese University

The Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) was established by the presidential decision No. (118) for the year 2013. The Egyptian Chinese University is considered as the first technological, productive and non-traditional university based on productivity and techniques. The ECU is supposed to consist of 16 faculties that will start with 4 faculties and increase gradually in the following years to cover the remaining faculties.

The ECU contributes to establishing factories, workshops, and transferring technology. It helps to create a second class of entrepreneurs and push young people into self-employment for highly trained graduates.

The university also includes training workshops and outlets for students’ products that help in their sustainable development of them in addition to some institutions that help the surrounding population.

Thus, it turns to transfer Chinese technical and practical experience. The ECU aims to contribute to the intellectual growth, discipline and good character of future leaders in Egypt and the Middle East.

In another context, the ECU provides high-quality educational services in modern and advanced scientific fields meeting international strategies and supporting scientific research, experimental development, and innovation besides the implementation of lifelong learning (LLL) plans.

The ECU represents an advanced model of a technological and productive university with graduates who are able to compete at national and international levels in addition to conducting basic and applied scientific research that leads to innovative outputs.

The ECU graduates must be equipped with skills and professional backgrounds that are adapted to modern labour markets in the age of knowledge with an orientation towards developing entrepreneurial activities.

As a result, the ECU represents a comprehensive higher education system that strongly supports sustainable social and economic development. It adopts the future strategies and plans for the electronic control unit according to multiple criteria such as: quality, accessibility, effectiveness, governance, internationalization of sustainability, excellence in research and community services.

Moreover, the ECU has affiliations with three famous research universities in China including Beijing Jiaotong University, Liaoning University and North China University for Electric Power.

This cooperation aims to achieve Egypt’s aspirations for excellence in scientific research and raise standards of innovation, creativity and community entrepreneurship in the fields of engineering, medicine, physical therapy, and business.

It includes cooperation in the design of academic programs, exchange programs, and training opportunities which increases the university’s research productivity as well as its impact on economic and societal development.

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The University Headquarters

The university is located in a featured location in the heart of Cairo. It includes two campuses with a total area of ​​about 30 acres. The study has already begun in the following faculties: Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Economics and International Trade, Faculty of Physiotherapy, and Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology.

A Productive University

The university is a productive, technical, and academic university that depends on advanced production technology. It takes a non-stereotypical approach in education and training by transferring the experiences and needs of industry community and the Chinese experience in the field of technology to Egypt achieving the link between its objectives and needs of the developed society.

List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023 | 1
List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023 | 2
  • The university prepares students by developing their practical skills, training them on the labor market, and adopting their creativity and ideas so that they can find suitable job opportunities for them by establishing start-up companies or establishing small-scale projects.
  • Benefiting from the leading and distinguished Chinese experience in the fields of engineering, software, alternative medicine, physiotherapy and economics to support knowledge, skills and innovations and encourage small projects.
  • Therefore, the Egyptian-Chinese University is a leading modern educational institution, with high international standards using innovative methods of education as applied in the international universities.
  • The university is also scheduled to play an important role in comprehensive sustainable human development and in refining scientific and technological knowledge that is considered as a decisive factor in strengthening Egypt’s opportunity to compete in investment of knowledge which represents the pillar of citizenship based on responsibility and the spirit of social and ethical response in the scientific knowledge society.


The university has concluded a number of important conventions with a number of foreign and local universities and research centres to support the system of education and field training in production sites and to obtain joint academic degrees with foreign universities and their involvement in joint educational programs abroad for a whole year.

Field Training

The university provides field training programs for students in various sectors with many large Egyptian and foreign economic industrial clusters to bridge the gap between academic education and application and prepare students for the needs of the labor market.

List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023 | 3
List of Top 9 Best Universities in Cairo, Egypt for 2023 | 4
  • The role of the university comes in making use of human resources and linking education to production and the ability to innovate not education then production. The academic side will go hand in hand with the practical side in a realistic scope.
  • Also, the existence of specialized research and technology centers that adopt production and industry problems to solve them, as well as the talented and those who have the desire for excellence and advancement, whether in Egypt or the Arab world. Hence, it creates a distinguished Arab generation that has the ability to suit and participate positively in the global wheel of development.

Academic Advising

The university has an accurate academic advising system and full follow-up of students during their studies.

University Faculty Members

The university has a distinguished selection of the best faculty members in the Egyptian and international universities.

#48 in Egypt
#782 in Africa
Egyptian Chinese University logo
Acceptance Rate 89%
Enrollment 2,000
Founded 2013

List of Top 10 Best Universities Near Cairo

  1. Cairo University
  2. Sohag university
  3. New Giza University
  4. German University in Cairo
  5. Nile University
  6. University of Science and Technology at Zewail City
  7. Future University in Egypt
  8. American University in Cairo
  9. October 6 University
  10. Misr University for Science and Technology



Distance, km
Country rank
4 Cairo University 1
Egypt Flag
11 Sohag university 25
Egypt Flag
Nasser City
17 New Giza University 44
Egypt Flag
21 German University in Cairo 15
Egypt Flag
New Cairo
21 Nile University 22
Egypt Flag
Sheikh Zayed City
21 University of Science and Technology at Zewail City 42
Egypt Flag
6th of October City
24 Future University in Egypt 28
Egypt Flag
New Cairo
25 American University in Cairo 4
Egypt Flag
New Cairo
29 October 6 University 41
Egypt Flag
6th of October City
31 Misr University for Science and Technology 23
Egypt Flag
6th of October City



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