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List of Top 20 Best Universities in Africa for 2023

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Ranking of Universities has become one way of ensuring higher education institutions lead up to their expectations over the years.

This article relates to the 2023 ranking by Edurank, an independent metric-based ranking of 14,131 universities from 183 countries.

Edurank uses a proprietary database with an index of 44,909,300 scientific publications and 1,237,541,960 citations to rank universities across 246 research topics. In the overall rankings, add non-academic prominence and alumni popularity indicators. Always check official university websites for the latest enrollment information.

For the Year 2023, the Top 20 universities in Africa ranked by EduRank based on research outputs, non-academic prominence, and alumni influence.

The rankings are determined by analyzing 13.9M citations received by 954K academic publications made by 1,104 universities from Africa, the popularity of 2,895 recognized alumni, and the largest reference database available.

Below are the Top 20 Universities in Africa according to Edurank

1. University of Cape Town


#1 in South Africa
#236 in the World
Founded 1874
Type Non-profit
Funding Public-private
Highest Degree Doctorate
Languages English
Acceptance rate 48%

* The University of Cape Town is among the institutions that don’t provide data on acceptance rates. This might happen because a university has programs where applicants only need to meet admission requirements to enroll and don’t necessarily compete with others.

We estimate the above acceptance rate based on admission statistics of closely ranked nearby universities with similar research profiles that do publish such data.

2. University of the Witwatersrand

#2 in South Africa
#389 in the World
Acceptance Rate 25%
Founded 1922
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3. The University of Stellenbosch

#3 in South Africa
#418 in the World
University of Stellenbosch logo
Founded 1918

4. University of Pretoria

#4 in South Africa
#422 in the World
University of Pretoria logo
Acceptance Rate 13%
Enrollment 56,483
Male: Female 42:58
Founded 1908

5. Cairo University

#1 in Egypt
#592 in the World
Cairo University logo
Acceptance Rate 90%
Enrollment 257,200
Founded 1908

7. University of Nairobi

#1 in Kenya
#809 in the World
University of Nairobi logo
Acceptance Rate 66%
Founded 1970

8. Makerere University

#1 in Uganda
#822 in the World
Makerere University logo
Enrollment 40,000
Founded 1922

9. University of Johannesburg

#6 in South Africa
#858 in the World
University of Johannesburg logo
Acceptance Rate 77%
Enrollment 49,910
Founded 2005

10. University of South Africa

#7 in South Africa
#866 in the World
University of South Africa logo
Enrollment 420,000
Male: Female 36:64
Founded 1873
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11. North-West University

#8 in South Africa
#1016 in the World
North-West University logo
Acceptance Rate 93%
Founded 2004

12. University of Ghana

#1 in Ghana
#1028 in the World
University of Ghana logo
Acceptance Rate 28%
Enrollment 42,000
Founded 1948

13. University of the Western Cape

#9 in South Africa
#1035 in the World
University of the Western Cape logo
Acceptance Rate 55%
Founded 1959

14. Rhodes University

#10 in South Africa
#1046 in the World
Rhodes University logo
Acceptance Rate 52%
Enrollment 8,200
Founded 1904

15. The University of Ibadan

#1 in Nigeria
#1061 in the World
University of Ibadan logo
Acceptance Rate 39%
Founded 1948

16. University of the Free State

#11 in South Africa
#1104 in the World
University of the Free State logo
Enrollment 37,000
Founded 1904

17. Ain Shams University

#2 in Egypt
#1143 in the World
Ain Shams University logo
Founded 1950

18. Alexandria University

#3 in Egypt
#1154 in the World
Alexandria University logo
Acceptance Rate 89%
Enrollment 150,642
Founded 1942

20. American University in Cairo

#4 in Egypt
#1274 in the World
American University in Cairo logo
Acceptance Rate 42%
Enrollment 6,500
Founded 1919
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