JUST IN:GES,Free SHS Secretariat Begin Nationwide Sensitization on CSSPS

The Ghana Education Service and the with the Free Senior High School Secretariat has began a nationwide sensitization on the 2019 policy guidelines for the Computerised School Selection and placement .

The  sensitization is  part of measures put in place by the  GES to ensure successful and hitch free Placement into Senior High School this year.

The CSSPS has been in operation since 2005 and has gone through many phases of review taking into consideration, concerns of stakeholders.

Regardless of the strides made so far, there is the need to continuously strengthen its communication channels and to update stakeholders on new policy guidelines .

In 2019, the Ministry of Education has released new guidelines on how the schools are to be selected. These include the following:

1. Candidates can, in accordance with the 2019 school register, select 1st – 5th choice schools from a combination of Categories A, B, C, D and E.

2. List choices 1-4 in order of priority

3. Choice five(5) must be the candidates’ Catchment area day school which is the Category D compulsory day school. This means that the compulsory day school is now restricted to candidates’ 5th Choice.

Candidates must be guided by this:
1. Choose five(5) schools
2. Select Programme and Residential Status for each choice
3. Remember that candidates’ choices:
Can include up to 1 Category A school
Can include up to 2 Category B schools
Can include up to 4 Category C schools
Can include up to 5 Category E schools

It must also be noted that all JHS in the country has been mapped to a Senior high school within its catchment area ( 16 kilometers) making it easy for candidates to identify the schools they can choose as Day to satisfy the compulsory day requirement.

It is expected that the participants would further educate parents, students and the general public about this year’s school selection guidelines.



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