JUST IN: There is Leadership Crisis at the Labour front in ‘fighting’ GES-SIC Policy Implementation – Alorvi

A former President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT),Kwame Alorvi  has said that the leadership of the unions in the education sector appear to be in a state of paralysis.

He made his arguement with regards to the ‘imposed’ GES-SIC Group  Insurance Policy which he said the unions were not able to easily handle.

Kwame questioned the inertia on the part of the leadership of the unions in dealing with the issue.

”Why the inertia on the part of Leadership? Beyond protest letters and comments issued by leadership of the Education sector unions, there seems to be no concrete action emanating from leadership to protect the interests of their affected members against this imposition.” He lamented.

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He further compared the leadership of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) to that of the unions in the education sector in relation to dealing with issues.

”The National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) was able to halt the Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) in their trail in the latter’s attempt to forcibly enrol them unto a similarly imposed insurance scheme.’ He said.

”Why are the leadership of these unions telling their members to travel to the SIC or District education offices to pick, fill and submit exit forms for a scheme they and their members have not been voluntarily enrolled unto?” He asked.

”Which insurance scheme is this that the Insurer has no bio-data, nominated beneficiaries or pictorial identities of those they claim to have insured except their names and staff Id numbers taken from the payroll?”

”Why can’t the unions insist, on behalf of their respective members, that GES and SIC stop the deductions, refund what has already been deducted, and give membership forms to those willing to fill and join the scheme?”

”Why ask members, some of whom live in remote areas, to go out of their stations to fill exit forms? Or is the GES claiming that all teachers have internet connectivity in their stations to enable them fill and submit these exit forms on line? Who bears their T&T to and from the offices of the SIC or GES?” He said.

”The current insistence by the GES, and the tacit acceptance by some of the union leaders, that their members should fill exit forms is as if a thief comes to steal my money, and when I complain, he asks me to fill a form for him to return my stolen property to me.”

”I’m convinced the combined power of the FOUR education sector unions- NAGRAT, GNAT, TEWU and CCT-, or even ONLY one of the four, is enormous enough to stop this thievery by the GES and SIC.” He said.

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”This is the Ghana we live in, where the SIC, which used to be the Insurance Company of ECG, VRA and other similar state institutions, has been stripped of its position. The insurance cover for these state institutions has now been transferred to a private Insurance company or Enterprise of a high ranking Minister. And having deprived the SIC of its revenue base,the teacher must be milked to resource the SIC.”

”And why are individual members of these unions also raising up their arms in despair for this imposed insurance, to be reborn this September after two earlier still births, for them only to complain again when they see the deductions on their September 2019 Payslips?” He asked.

”Am I being compelled to believe what I heard a few days ago about a key Government Official bragging that “we have tamed the labour unions”?Have the labour unions, including NAGRAT, GNAT, TEWU and CCT, actually been tamed by Government?” He asked.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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